I’m Gone Make Him Cry

Mackenzie found this on the Metro train after a Cardinals game. The front looks like innocent schoolwork; the back belies the glorification of violence in our youth.

Get Muscle

I found this flyer in a oversized messenger style bag for carry art materials. I was really excited with my flea market score; the bag was full of pockets and the pockets full of random half used canvas, pencils and notebooks. However, the real treasure was this note tucked in a sketch book of child’s … Continued

Under the Bed

I was walking down Eastern Avenue one rainy day and saw this lying on the sidewalk.

Icy Bag of Poop

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I pick up any discarded shopping lists I see (it’s my voyeuristic side). I found this one a few years ago. Totally normal on one side, and HELLO, pure pre-adolescent genius on the other.

Special Dad

I don’t remember where I found this, most likely at a garage sale or thrift store.

Rough Childhood

While my family and I were walking on a trail I found this letter in some tall grass.

Our Shades

We found this in a free box on someone’s yard. It originally came in a broken frame, which someone tried to fix with peanut butter.

Big Plans

I still worry about this poor cat every day. Something tells me this kid has plenty of big plans — this is neither the first nor the last of them.