Mystery Queen of the Dairy Queen

FOUND by Shenaka

Being a Polaroid taker and lover myself, I was thrilled to find this intriguing photograph lying on the sidewalk in front of the Dairy Queen of our town. Such a busy site on a hot summer night. I feel it was meant for me to find it. It is intriguing and so full of questions. What was the event? Who was the girl? Then, was it a beauty pageant!? Who made the wonderfully tacky decorations? It’s been one of my most treasured possessions for several years and started my continued search for the Found objects, particularly photos. They are preciously housed in an album I keep called “My Special People”. I love the fact I have no information about this item because it leaves my mind open to many possibilities.

Meyer’s Story

Found by Bud Arnold; Manhattan, KS
I found this story wedged beneath some spectator benches, situated by a viewing window facing the ring at K.O. Boxing. The benches are located in a enclosed loggia, which also leads to a number of different restaurants and bakeries. Children frequently pause with their parents to watch the boxers spar, and perhaps this was dropped and lost on one of these occasions.

Dear Family….

FOUND by Todd and Melissa in Tucson, AZ
We were at the Goodwill in Tucson on 4th Ave Downtown and found this inside a book. We were too cheap to actually purchase the book itself so we asked if we could have it along with some other purchases we made that day: a picture sleeve 45 of David Bowie’s “Modern Love” for 45 cents and a bunch of Harry Potter cassette tapes.