Dear Tooth Farey

I found this while going through old papers.

Warning Future Adam

I found this whilst working at the Salvation Army, on the backside is a treasure map I was never able to decipher.

Just Kids Being Kids

Found amongst the school yearbook department’s discards last year.

Devil Out!

My boyfriend says this is probably a Mormon baptism and that it’s an important rite of passage, so this photo is probably missed. Most of the time I’m happy not knowing about the things I find but I wish I had found the entire album. I’d like to know more about this kid.

Back after These Commercials

I found this while walking my kids to elementary school. It was folded up and on the ground near the bus stop for the high school students.

I Want a Dog!

I found this when I moved houses and thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.

Fat Lip

The best thing about living in a city with a huge art school are the finds.

Andy Puse

I found this on a napkin left on a table in the Cheesecake Factory. Apparently someone thinks Andy is Stoopid and that he Puse in his pants.