This Is Your Mission

Kohl’s department stores have sturdy cardboard boxes that can fold down and are constantly reused. Stickers are added to the boxes to denote where they get shipped to and clutter the lids to all these boxes. I found these stickers on the top of one of them. The writer must have written the note and … Continued

Bad Mood Dude

My husband was taking out the trash and found this note. We are the only ones in our neighbourhood without kids – since we can’t make out the “signature” we have been wracking our brains trying to figure out which kid is mad at his/her mom!


They don’t allow cell phone use during school hours at most campuses in Austin, so if you have to text.

Aly’s Hair Care Salon

I found this price list for Aly’s Hair Care Salon blowing around outside. My favorite selection is the “Suprise Hair-Do.”

Bugle Boy

Someone had already propped this photo up on the advertising board but I couldn’t resist taking it. It is labeled “Cole” on the back and this looks like a photo that they will bring out when he is older to show to his girlfriend to humiliate him. I’m glad my parents were too cheap to … Continued


Found this in a used car; the back is marked “Fiesta.”

Love Always, Ginger

I bought a very conservative flannel night gown at Salvation Army as a joke bachelorette party gift. When I was folding the night gown to wrap it, I noticed something in the pocket, this note. The odd thing is that the nightgown still had the tags and everything on it, which makes me wonder if … Continued

Big Van

This appears to be a homework assignment or a class exercise. Not sure what questions 3 & 4 would be.

Hello Kitty Rules

I found this on the street after garbage day. I assume it strayed from the recycling bin and onto the curb where I found it. I pity this girl’s future boyfriends.