Under the Bed

I was walking down Eastern Avenue one rainy day and saw this lying on the sidewalk.

If You Don’t Want to Be Friends

I found this note while walking my dog. It was torn and wadded up on the edge of the sidewalk. On the flip side it has an answer to the note I suppose: “Bye.”

Dear Tooth Fairy

I found this note in my car, but do not know how it got there or who Andre might be. My only guess on how it got in my car is that one of my friends found it and put it there thinking I would get a kick out of it. My wild guess about … Continued

“Make a To Do List.” Check.

So many questions arise from the life of this to-do list maker….Who is Bob? Why does he get the worst jobs? Why put certain bodily functions on the list and not others? Is Pinocchio required reading every day? And so many more…. FOUND on the sidewalk.

Dear Tooth Farey

I found this while going through old papers.

Warning Future Adam

I found this whilst working at the Salvation Army, on the backside is a treasure map I was never able to decipher.

Just Kids Being Kids

Found amongst the school yearbook department’s discards last year.