Thank You, New Yorkers

FOUND by Jan Mundo
This letter of appreciation was taped to a streetlight pole on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Because greeting cards and hand-written notes aren’t commonly seen posted in the city (they’re taken down by law), it caught my attention. I read the note, which seemed as if it had been written by an elderly person, then went on my way. After half a block, I turned around after half a block to go back and snap a pic. The writer’s public expression of thanks moved me.

It’s an iPhone pic–I couldn’t very well take it down, now, could I?

Elevator Rule

FOUND by Melissa M; Museum District in Houston, TX

Some great tips contained herein: Etiquette is simply making people feel good – basic social comfort.
Elevator Rule: Don’t discuss meeting till out of the elevator and the building. (And Ms. Lelle, please don’t forget to remove your notepad from the building, either.)