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21 Hearts

Found by Mike McCaffrey in the street

I found this piece of art atop a snow bank during a walk two days after Valentine’s Day in 2004. I’m guessing that the young artist is a girl. I’m guessing she created it for her parents during art class at school. The inclusion of an alphabet and numbers reflect the long sheets of letters and numbers that adorn the walls of every elementary classroom. The first line of hearts begins with two excited hearts. The rest in the line are colored between the lines. The last line of hearts seems hurried and electrified. The twenty-one hearts suggest a tale of passion; a short burst of excitement followed by an attempt at control and finally the surrender to love. This child must adore her mom and dad.


  1. LaurelG says:

    I had a hard time choosing my favorite, but I love the finder’s take on this child’s artwork and love for their parents! What a wonderful interpretation!