I Need a Nap

I found this in an abandoned house near where I live. There are piles and piles of photographs throughout the house, but unfortunately most of them are badly water damaged. I took only this one, to send to FOUND. The date on the back says 1959.

At the Table

I found this torn half of a photo near to the rubbish bin just outside of a grocery shop, stuck on a fence boarding. It was so firmly placed there that I couldn’t remove it without ripping the corner of the photo off. The backside of the scrap says “photo taken 1967″ in Finnish.

If You Build It

Found this in an old abandoned building down by the train tracks. Yes, I did find an airplane frame too, along with some other old photos, but this was the best. Quite a find, I think.


Found this on the sidewalk on my way home from a movie.

Girl Lazer

My mom is a wedding photographer and I often help out. I found this along the Beaver Lake walking trail when we did some of the couple’s alone pictures.

Ceiling Treasure

I found this artifact while ripping down my old plaster ceiling in my house, which was built in 1922.

Bunny and Boy

I don’t think this calls for any words.

Lucky Nick

I found this in my friend’s house after a party – I hope Nick had a good night.

The Stranger

I discovered this photo inside a 1974 folio edition of “The Stranger” by Albert Camus, bought for 50 cents at a used book store. The quality is the same as photos I took and developed in my home darkroom when I was in highschool. I hope the person will recognize himself and write to explain … Continued

Palm Man

I found this photo dated June 1963 on a street in San Francisco last year. It has an odd note on the back that reads “taken too late at night”. But too late for what?