I found this on the floor of the F train heading to Brooklyn. This guy must be from the future or something.

Mr. Curls

I found this drawing after I walked my boyfriend home from his football practice, I was heading back to my high school for a performance my friends were in. My boyfriend would’ve been there with me but he’s grounded so he couldn’t go. If he wasn’t grounded then I wouldn’t have found this picture anyways, … Continued


Found this old photo framed underneath the floor boards in my boyfriend’s old house … loved it then and still do. On the back is the stamp of the Army Barrack studio which it was taken.


The girl on the right must be thinking “Why do I have to put my hand on his shoulder? He probably has cooties!”

Small Town Beauty

This is one of a number of negatives I found in the gutter.


I found this in a library book, drawn on a Post-it note.

For Tom

Found while cleaning a house for renovation. I believe the previous owner died but the house was still full of things no one claimed. I saw this picture and couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. The back reads: “Aunt Jessie and Terry / Martha – went to Goucher & her brother Tom / WWII … Continued


Found in a 1st edition copy of Toni Morrison’s Beloved.


Found a large vanilla envelope in an old suitcase left in a property I recently rented which indicate the person that wrote the text at the top of the picture was serving time in jail. Quagmire?

Man on Bike

I found this photograph (along with some baseball cards) sitting on my dumpster one day.