Eye Punch

I found this on the ground next to my garage. When I first found it, the “punched-out” part was still hanging by a thread, and was folded to the back of the photo, so you could flip it over and just see a photo on an eye next to a hole.

From the Farm to the City

Found in two different places, months apart. It’s probably just the photo quality, but it sure looks like it could be the same little boy.

Photos of Silly Faces

I love scouring thrift stores for odd and retro/vintage items and I liked this old photo album that was titled, “Photos of Silly Faces.”

The Porch

Found in a Portuguese dictionary at a used bookstore, dated on back 1889.

Catholic Grandmother

I found this in a used book of Psalms that I picked up at a thrift store. It was wedged between the pages for Psalm– Morning Prayer for Divine Help.

The Family Portait

I found this by a computer in a college library. This seems like the inaccurate stereotype that people have about Arkansas.

July 19, 1985!!!!!

I bought my house in 2001 and hadn’t looked into the attic since then. But this year, to check the insulation, I grabbed a ladder and took a peek. My attic is one of those that is accessible only through a hatch in the ceiling, and you really can’t use it to hang out in … Continued

Electric Portrait

Tire tracks all across your back, I can see you’ve had your fun! Found this amazingly deteriorated studio portrait on a street near my apartment. No info on the back. No idea how much time it’d spent in Nature’s Photoshop but I was struck by the artful decay of the whole image. It’s four females, … Continued

Sarah, Full of Light

About 20 years ago I purchased an old dresser from a thrift store, The ARC. I didn’t look in the drawers when I made the purchase. When I got home I found this lovely young lady in the top drawer. For some reason I call her Sarah.