Hold It Down

This one was found in a rather greasy plastic bag in a gutter in the East Village.

Acid Family

My lover, Michelle, found an interesting toolbox at a garage sale. When she opened it, there were slides inside. She asked the man running the sale about them. He said he bought the box at a garage sale the previous year, but never ended up using it. Michelle bought the case, kept the slides, and … Continued

Glamour Shot

My kids and I were sitting in the grass near a parking lot eating ice cream and we found this picture. Even my 5-year old though it was bizarre and laughed, “why is this baby holding two apples?”

Untitled #3

I found this picture in a phone booth. I think it’s a photo made for a personal greeting card or something similar.

Two Margaritas

I found this on a covered trash bin in front of my neighborhood Walgreens. Perhaps whoever put it there couldn’t quite bring himself (or herself) to toss it into the receptacle.