Found in a 1st edition copy of Toni Morrison’s Beloved.


Found a large vanilla envelope in an old suitcase left in a property I recently rented which indicate the person that wrote the text at the top of the picture was serving time in jail. Quagmire?

Man on Bike

I found this photograph (along with some baseball cards) sitting on my dumpster one day.

Red Surprise

I found this photo in January of 2005 on the downtown platform of the 66th Street 1 train stop. I’ve held onto it for all this time because I just love the composition of it – the lurid red, the glare of the flash on the metal door and dingy cinderblock, and the mystery of … Continued

Portrait of a Havanero

I found this picture while studying abroad in Havana. It was lying face down in a park in the Vedado neighborhood. This was one of the only things I found there that wasn’t just an uninteresting scrap of paper. It takes more luck and determination to find interesting things in cities with few trash receptacles.

Korn Fan

Found this drawing by a Korn fan while out walking on a rainy day.

The Ideal Boyfriend

I found this on the inside front cover of a faded notebook in a decaying cardboard box in a cabinet in the Academic Office of my school.

Russian Portrait

I found this portrait (along with a few others) flying down a sidewalk.

I Need a Nap

I found this in an abandoned house near where I live. There are piles and piles of photographs throughout the house, but unfortunately most of them are badly water damaged. I took only this one, to send to FOUND. The date on the back says 1959.