Up and Away


FOUND by Gill Alexander at a Goodwill store in Delray Beach, Florida

I found this, a few other photographs and a Marine Corps training “diploma” under a bunch of books. This was in 2007 at the height of the violence in Iraq. I feared the worst and thought it horrible that this marine’s stuff would be abandoned here. My decision to bring it home was my way of remembering whoever this person was. I did not think about it much for about four years. In late 2011 I all of a sudden realized that by plugging in the name on the diploma in Facebook I might get some more information. Sure enough, I found him. By then he was a student at Rutgers. He was very excited to hear about my recovering these items. Apparently someone had stolen his bag from a truck in Vero Beach, Florida, and he assumed the photos were lost forever. We are still Facebook friends today.