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Thrift Store Camera

Found by Avery Murakami in Michigan

I found a disposable camera at the Salvation Army and got the thing developed! I think the one of the couple is cute. I imagine they picked up the camera and took a selfie! There is a weird one that looks like a finger or.. something else…


  1. Chrome Toaster says:

    I love this multiple-photo Find entry. Very cool. Have to wonder what the overall cost of this Find was. First, purchasing the disposable camera, then having the photos developed… That’s dedication!

  2. Da8BitDragon says:

    I have a whole bag of found disposable cameras but it costs a fortune to develop them these days.

    1. Found_Admin says:

      Amazing! Yeah, it is very costly! There could be labs willing to develop them for practice or testing – or in the FOUND community online (like Instagram, maybe?)