Found this in a storage shed that I bought at auction. The back just says FLOOD, which is pretty obvious.

’51 Friends

I buy distressed houses found this within one built in the ’60s. Not the one pictured here obviously.


Found in a stack of old photos.

The Porch

Found in a Portuguese dictionary at a used bookstore, dated on back 1889.

Photo Booth of the Seventies

This was found in a used book that my boyfriend was reading. It is a perfect seventies photo of what looks like a mom and her daughter. Mom has freshly done her lipstick and has the perfect sunglasses on while her daughter is enjoying the thrill of the photo. Finding this seventies shot in a … Continued

How to Paint Olives

This was from an old album from the back of a cabinet. I think I have something in common with the kid in the middle. Neither of us can figure out why we are being taught to paint olives, at least that is what it looks like.


Another one of the unusual yearbook discards. Nothing says awesome like bunched up tube socks, striped sleeves, and lots of padding.

Graf Spee

I found this while rummaging through some photographs. I think this photo is of the Graf Spee, a German battle-cruiser built toward the end of World War I that was used in World War II. She sank nine allied merchant ships in 1939. British and New Zealand cruisers hunted her down and badly damaged her … Continued