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Paris Easter Sunday 1919

Found by Pabpaul in Francesville, Indiana

Found this photo in the 1915 edition of “The AIT Cycle”, the student annual of the Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago. There were three different volumes found in the old Victorian style home where my wife grew up in Francesville, Indiana. When I discovered the photo tucked into one of them, I was intrigued. No one in her family knew about those books and it was suggested they were left behind by a previous owner, perhaps even the town doctor who built the home across the street from where the hospital was then located. So, it’s unknown to us who this soldier was, or his fate. A caption on the back reads, “Paris Easter Sunday 1919”, as near as I can tell. Perhaps he fought on the western front during World War I?

The Armour Institute of Technology merged with the Lewis Institute of Technology in late 1939 to become the Illinois Institute of Technology.