Something Naughty

This one has a word written on the back that I can’t make out- I assume its Dutch. I love the expression on the little boy on the right- scared, terror- he looks as though they are up to something naughty and the photographer has just caught them.

Acid Family

My lover, Michelle, found an interesting toolbox at a garage sale. When she opened it, there were slides inside. She asked the man running the sale about them. He said he bought the box at a garage sale the previous year, but never ended up using it. Michelle bought the case, kept the slides, and … Continued

Pin Up Girls

I was walking along with my dog, and this 8X10 photo was lying atop a heap of garbage and junk. I couldn’t resist picking it up and taking it home to show my husband. It made his morning.

Man and Mule

I rescued this photo from the lobby of my apartment, where some wayward tenant had left it. An hour later, my landlord — an enormous Serb, who like many in our complex, doubles as a Buddhist — saw the picture. “This picture,” he said, “reminds me of something you would see in my country.” “In … Continued

Look into My Eyes

The alleys, off ramps and gutters of America are just full of amazing stuff. You just have to look, yeah?