April 1958

Found by Mike Heaney in Bordentown, NJ

“This photo was found in a copy of St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves – at the Bordentown library. There is writing in blue pen on the back that says: This is you, Mary and Jimmy. You were 7, Mary was 6 and Jim was 5. You had sat down wanting to watch Captain Kangaroo. April 1958” -M.H.

The Eyes of Panzer


FOUND by Rebecca at the Karl Mundt Library, Madison South Dakota

So the library at Dakota State University was giving away their old books, and one in the fiction section I happened upon was “The Walking Stick”. Stuck inside was this picture. The stamp on the bottom says “C.W. Panzer, Lake Mills, WI.” on the back was written “Now let us now [sic] right away if you receive this.” I’ve kept it around because the man’s eyes are striking in a rather eerie way. I wonder who these people are.

Forever Your Barbara


FOUND by Adam in Gastonia, North Carolina

I was in a thrift store a few years back, thumbing through a 1960s psychology textbook, when this fell out of the pages. From what I gather, Barbara was in love with a guy named Donald, and I guess Donald threw the picture in his textbook and tucked it away in the closet, only to donate the books years later. Most people can identify with loving someone who doesn’t love you back; but, the key to weathering the letdown is to wear a nice broach for picture day.