Golden Jubilee

Discovered behind the furnace, in the basement of a house I once lived in.

Catholic Grandmother

I found this in a used book of Psalms that I picked up at a thrift store. It was wedged between the pages for Psalm– Morning Prayer for Divine Help.


My former boss’s mother died. Along with some other possessions of hers he donated boxes of her painting materials that I helped myself to. Among the chewed paint tubes, leaves of paper and stuff that I rummaged through I happened to find these odd photographs; I suppose the artist was using them for reference.

Future Lawyers of America

I found this in a book that was donated to our library by one of the professors in the law school. The image is date-stamped December, 1976, on the back. it was just too good to toss and now hangs on my fridge.

Sarah, Full of Light

About 20 years ago I purchased an old dresser from a thrift store, The ARC. I didn’t look in the drawers when I made the purchase. When I got home I found this lovely young lady in the top drawer. For some reason I call her Sarah.

Lost Our Minds

I found this picture as I stumbled from the R Bar one Saturday night. Although the picture was covered in snails and pollen I knew it was worth saving. It wasn’t until I flipped the picture over to read the note that I realized it was really worth sharing.


Found this photo in the pages of a book in the Evergreen State College Library. It’s compelling, though I can’t put my finger on why. The singular event that launched my found photo obsession.

Fun Lunch!

In a box of discarded pictures from cleaning out the yearbook’s cabinets, this one jumped out at me as a favorite.

Well, Howdy!

I was over from the UK visiting a friend and I found this on the pavement/sidewalk. Cow girl, horses, wagon wheels– just like I seen in the movies.

Pin Up Girls

I was walking along with my dog, and this 8X10 photo was lying atop a heap of garbage and junk. I couldn’t resist picking it up and taking it home to show my husband. It made his morning.