Gang Aft Agley

I found this at Johns Hopkins University. It was on the ground on Art Museum Drive, just a couple hundred feet north of 29th St.

The Kiss

Found this great photo about three years ago in an old box, it just made me smile.

Bug and Tent

The Volkswagen has “NL” on the back (The Netherlands) and there seems to be someone running into the tent to avoid being pictured?

Something Naughty

This one has a word written on the back that I can’t make out- I assume its Dutch. I love the expression on the little boy on the right- scared, terror- he looks as though they are up to something naughty and the photographer has just caught them.

Acid Family

My lover, Michelle, found an interesting toolbox at a garage sale. When she opened it, there were slides inside. She asked the man running the sale about them. He said he bought the box at a garage sale the previous year, but never ended up using it. Michelle bought the case, kept the slides, and … Continued

Pin Up Girls

I was walking along with my dog, and this 8X10 photo was lying atop a heap of garbage and junk. I couldn’t resist picking it up and taking it home to show my husband. It made his morning.