Say Cheeeese

As a teen in the early 1970s, I found this engaging portrait taped to the front of a stand-alone photo booth at the Kmart. We lived about an hour from La Crosse, so I knew it was unlikely that I would ever actually cross paths with these girls.


On a Sunday afternoon walk, I came across a pile of ejected house waste, clothes, toys, furniture and this photograph. It was found on a street behind Madrid’s modern art museum, The Reina Sophia. All I can say is that it looks like they have been trying to invent Cherry Coke by mixing normal coke … Continued

A Dapper Young Man

I found this picture in the Loew’s Theater parking lot on a rainy evening in September. He was looking up at me, so handsome and Victorian, and I had to save him from being completely destroyed. The photo is mounted on cardboard, and “Bergman’s Photograph Gallery, Louisville, KY” is printed on the back. The carboard … Continued


From those good old days. Found this after a tornado went through my town.

Small Town Beauty

This is one of a number of negatives I found in the gutter.

Class of 1970 – Spring

I can’t help but think that there should be more to this picture, but someone kept it nonetheless. Found in an old desk drawer with some other pictures.

Paris Easter Sunday 1919

Found this photo in the 1915 edition of “The AIT Cycle”, the student annual of the Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago. There were three different volumes found in the old Victorian style home where my wife grew up in Francesville, Indiana. When I discovered the photo tucked into one of them, I was intrigued. … Continued