Class of 1970 – Spring

I can’t help but think that there should be more to this picture, but someone kept it nonetheless. Found in an old desk drawer with some other pictures.

Paris Easter Sunday 1919

Found this photo in the 1915 edition of “The AIT Cycle”, the student annual of the Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago. There were three different volumes found in the old Victorian style home where my wife grew up in Francesville, Indiana. When I discovered the photo tucked into one of them, I was intrigued. … Continued

Mask Making

Found in an old desk drawer with some other random pictures.

Halls of a Hospital

I am fascinated with psychiatrics in the 1960′s – this picture has the pristine darkness of a hospital hallway while a lobotomy is being performed. I found it in a big file suitcase dumped in front of an 8th ave building in Brooklyn, one night on my way home from work. There were immigration cards, … Continued

For Tom

Found while cleaning a house for renovation. I believe the previous owner died but the house was still full of things no one claimed. I saw this picture and couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. The back reads: “Aunt Jessie and Terry / Martha – went to Goucher & her brother Tom / WWII … Continued

Welcoming Twins

Found in the back of an old desk drawer with some other pictures. On the back it says “Dean and Dain inviting parents to the parent-teacher conferences” And a stamp for “kodak velox paper.”

Rocking Out

I found this picture in an old Girl Scouts manual circa 1935. I think these four might very well be the true inventors of the “rock” hand sign.

November 1927

What did this band of mustachioed hooligans just successfully pull off?

Maybe It Is

I work as a teacher in a middle school. As you may remember this age can bring hard social times. I feel I spend a majority of my time fighting fires of early teenage social injustice. When I found this, it gave me a little hope that my middle schoolers really do have hearts…