Beard Month

I was walking to lunch in a back alley behind my office, between Pender & Dunsmuir streets, and saw this tacked to a telephone pole in the middle of the alley. It was basically right in the middle of a low-foot-traffic area, where very few people would ever see it. So I don’t know who … Continued

Good Editing

I found this well-crumpled movie review along the abandoned tracks in South Granville. Well, was it good or not?

Thanks a Lot

In the midst of our uncommonly fierce winter weather this past January, parking became an even more contentious issue than usual. I found this notice on the ground that evidently had been placed on some offending person’s windshield.


I found this backstage in my school theatre before one of my performances one night. I bet they were amazing.

The Mystery of Andre

A business plan for some kind of massage/escort service someone was planning was intriguing enough, but the reverse side provided the real chuckle.

The Dotes Are the Ships

These were plastered all over the streetlights in my neighborhood. They have been up for weeks, not sure what date I was supposed to be looking up. And where do you even find foolscap anymore?

I Regret

I found this on the way to the Granville Island Market. I wonder if she gave the note to her friend, or lost it before she had the chance. Either way, hopefully the secret is safe.

My Birthday Gift

Somehow threatening letters with bad spelling are always the work of a true psycho.