Love Always, Ginger

I bought a very conservative flannel night gown at Salvation Army as a joke bachelorette party gift. When I was folding the night gown to wrap it, I noticed something in the pocket, this note. The odd thing is that the nightgown still had the tags and everything on it, which makes me wonder if … Continued

A Good Heart

While on a walk I noticed a small folded piece of paper sticking up from the grass with “READ” printed on it in a demanding fashion.

Meow to the 47th

I found this on a piece of scratch paper in the math lab at my school.

Mardi Gras

I found this photo in a discarded photo album. On the back it states that this is a photo of Susan and Joseph at a Mardi Gras Parade. I can appreciate how the sea of people parted so that this picture could be taken.

Pedophiles and Military Recruiters

My friend lent me a series of books, 30 Days of Night, and I found this note card in the third one. The weird thing is, it’s not my friends handwriting, nor is it the handwriting of my boyfriend who borrowed the books before me. Finally, I found another piece of paper in the book, … Continued

For my fellow recluse

In an old paperback copy of “Walden” a friend was giving away in Montreal, just prior to a trip to vancouver. Tried to find the shop, but had been replaced by big downtown steel buildings. “For my fellow recluse: Hope you will enjoy this – it contains many of our mutual convictions and should fill … Continued

Slow Dance

A favorite from a discarded photo album found in a dumpster.

Not Relationship Material

I found this at my job. It was left by a customer. Apparently the “not relationship material” type of guys are in style.

Males, Singing and Rubbing

I wondered if I had stepped back into a time machine to the 1950s or something; I mean, I really thought we were getting past all this.