Bra Request

This was found in our library book drop bin.

Jason Sucks

My friends and I found this note after trying to move an unwieldy chest of drawers. Evidently it had been pushed all the way to the back of the cabinet and up and over the bottom drawer. We only found it because we had to take it apart to get it into my car. My … Continued


I found this on the floor of the F train heading to Brooklyn. This guy must be from the future or something.

A Chill Spot

While exploring a cute little park, my friends and I found, attached to a bench, a notebook with a pen inside – a guestbook of sorts for the park. I was happy to find that someone had already ripped out this page and left it right under the notebook.

Keep on Truckin’

I found this guy lying on the stairs of a semi-fancy local restaurant. He hangs out in my wallet and when I am asked who he is, of course I say “He’s my boyfriend.”

Chipmunk Cheeks and Gargling Nails

I am a music teacher. I was working backstage at an all-state music concert for high school students. Someone turned this over to me and I wasn’t able to find the owner. As I started reading the first sentence I imagined a sick grandmother writing to their grandson, then it became obvious this was a … Continued


I found this not too far from a school, and I assume it is part of a larger paper or project. This kid really thinks stuff isn’t fair. Welcome to life.

Shoting Rubberbands

This letter mysteriously appeared on our table while out for drinks.

The Test of Love

I’m pretty sure this is why my boss is no longer married.