Baby Blues

Polaroid of baby with headphones from November of 1966 that I found in a thrift store.

Couldn’t get the eyebrows right

Found on the street. An extremely accomplished if rather worrying picture. Let’s hope Ghost doesn’t disappear into oblivion.

Astounding Girl

In 2003 I was collecting science fiction stories and books to vote on the Retro Hugo Award for best SF from 1953. I bought a bunch of 1953 dated science fiction magazines at Kayo Books in San Francisco. This photograph of the little girl posed on a crate reading a copy of Astounding Science Fiction … Continued

Chuck Taylors and Cigs

Sometimes I check out– and even read– books from the library. I was reading John Berger’s “On Looking” (great, btw) and out fell this terrific photo. No writing on the back, just “Kodak paper.” It looks like a silver gelatin process, a little dark, but so gorgeous. I contacted our librarian, but the library doesn’t … Continued


I found this in a library copy of ‘Timequake’ by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s a postcard, and the only other words on it are “Laurent Nel, Rennes,” on the back. My favorite things are the hat and the apparatus in the background.

Don’t F with Us

This is one of my first finds. I picked it up off the sidewalk outside of my high school sometime around ’92. I remember there was a fire drill that day. I put this in a photo album I’ve kept for all these years.

Fat Camp Sux

I found this note by a computer in the library. I thought it was very strange.

This Train Can Kick Your Ass

Found this photo at work (used bookstore) pinned to our “communication board” at the buy counter. Presumably it was with a book that we bought.


Found on a residential street. At first I thought it was some kind of history exercise; then I realized that someone had saved her homework from 42 years ago. And, worse yet, lost it.