Dear Granny

I moved into a new place and found this note under the refrigerator. It immediately made me laugh and has been hanging on the same fridge for months. It reminds me of a situation all of us have been in as kids- better fess up or everyone is going to get punished!

Dear School

Found in my elementary school’s computer lab.

Clean Friends Only

I found this in front of my house. Unfortunately, a day too late for the party!

Adil’s Idea of Storytelling

I used this quote in an ESL presentation about children’s writing. I’ve saved it since 1996.

At the Table

I found this torn half of a photo near to the rubbish bin just outside of a grocery shop, stuck on a fence boarding. It was so firmly placed there that I couldn’t remove it without ripping the corner of the photo off. The backside of the scrap says “photo taken 1967″ in Finnish.

Code of the Boys

I found this in a Fantasy art book I got at the Goodwill. It was hidden in between the pages.

Jedi Masters

My husband and I went to a cabin in the woods for our anniversary. In the cabin were guestbooks where you could write about your experience there. We spent the first evening there reading through the books and found this page. Because it cracked us up so much, we stole the page as a keepsake. … Continued

Hard Day’s Work

This is a photo that somehow slipped into my storage locker at the Manhattan Mini Storage on Van Dam St. How unhappy does the “driver” look? I’m trying to determine where they are (West Indies?) and how old it is (late 80′s?) – but the blue truck in the background seems newer, and I’m pretty … Continued


This note was stuck in an issue of FOUND #2, left behind by someone at Gate 110, Terminal B in the Orlando Airport. The magazine was fun to read and I thought it was a bit ironic that I found this note inside so I’m sending it in.

I Am a Giggle Bug

Found in a classroom I was helping clean. Apparently students were forced to write letters of apology to their teacher when they got in trouble and we found a whole stack of them. This one stood out.