Bong after Work

Some guy left this on my table. I’m sorry to say i didn’t take him up on his offer.

Touch the Fire

Not sure when or where this came from, or how long it was waiting inside that book for me to find it. I always find stuff in books but when I found this I thought it seemed worthy. Anyway it’s become my favorite bookmark, at least until I forget it inside a book for the … Continued

Gun Control

I picked a little pad up off the street in the East Village on Saturday — the day after the horrible school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut — and opened to find this page. Not entirely sure of the message, but I’m going to just hope it’s in support of gun control, and against killing drugged … Continued


I found someone’s shopping list at a CVS. Or is it a to-do list? Clearly, the Pills are the most important thing. It’s even separated from everything else. Next in order of importance is Butts, then Beer, then meat. It’s like a life poem.