Imported Kiss

This photo was Found by Raim

I found this in the boot of my car after I bought it. It is a Japanese car not sold in many places outside of Japan that was privately imported to Australia around 8-10 years ago. When I cleaned out all the carpet inside the boot I found a squished packet of photos that I gather were developed in 1998 at Fujifilm in Japan. I would like to know what these people’s lives were like and where they are now.

Shaping Up


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FOUND by Rebecca in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This was at a thrift store in Sioux Falls. I bought the notebook without actually realizing that there was highly personal stuff in it.

Judging by the contents of the rest of it, it was owned by a girl who was in high school in 2004 and participated in power-lifting. She’s taking these goals pretty seriously, since each numbered point has a whole other page that expands on it. Hopefully she made it out okay.

Kools for Kids


FOUND by Amber Dawn in North Carolina

A while back, I found a bunch of slide carousels. I don’t know who they belonged to originally, but some of the people appear in multiple slides, so that’s one clue. The dates are stamped on the slides and range from 1970 to 1979. Most are overseas vacation photos, but it’s the family photos which I like best.

This is one of the earlier slides, dated 1970. It was most likely taken during a small family get-together, maybe a birthday or special event. For the sake of the little boy, let’s hope it’s a special occasion! Dad (or whoever) is DEFINITELY holding a lit cigarette to the kid’s mouth. You may not be able to tell, but in the larger version there’s even a cherry (burning) on the end. Also present at the party were at least two other small children, a mom(?), a grandma(?), and at least two other men. And now you know just about as much as I do.

Gun Control


FOUND by Jason Feifer in The East Village, New York City, New York

I picked a little pad up off the street in the East Village on Saturday — the day after the horrible school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut — and opened to find this page. Not entirely sure of the message, but I’m going to just hope it’s in support of gun control, and against killing drugged out ninjas in dresses on skis.