A Note for Yvette

Today, I discovered a note that was meant for some girl named Yvette in my bottom desk drawer. I estimate that I originally found it 6 to 8 years ago at my old high school. The note’s author cleverly censored her own name in case it fell into the wrong hands.

Not Baby-Baby, My Man

Another mysterious paper from one of the university recycling bins during move-out week. For a lot of students, college offers more than just academic growth.

Mother’s Guilt

My friend, Kathleen, and I found this floating around on an elementary school playground.

Just Kids Being Kids

Found amongst the school yearbook department’s discards last year.

Stinky Cheese

I intercepted this note from some 3rd graders. Later I found more of these notes under the recipient’s desk. Turns our he was writing to himself. And yes, he was receiving counseling.

Playing Dress-up

I found this on a bulletin board at the college I go to.


It appears to be a picture of my boyfriend and I as punks. Details like his name and rolling backpack (which lived in infamy on campus for the loud noises it made against the pavement) mean this was drawn by someone who knew us, and may even have been left by the desk for me … Continued

PTA Calendar Dinner

I decided to take a look through the old album pages that I had found awhile back. This was on a page in which “PTA Calendar Dinner 1957-58″ was written in white grease pencil on black paper. There are other pictures from his page, they are both close-ups of the table settings.