Alone in the Middle

Left in our middle school library’s scratch paper bin (the punctuation made ME depressed).

Blanked On Christmas

My friend and I were exiting our school cafeteria when we saw a note flutter to the ground. We didn’t get a chance to see who dropped it but whoever it was, she was chatting with the principle. My friend scooped it up and unfolded it quickly. we read it and started dying laughing and … Continued


Found on a residential street. At first I thought it was some kind of history exercise; then I realized that someone had saved her homework from 42 years ago. And, worse yet, lost it.

Transition Period

I’m a librarian here in St. Paul. While going through some older books on our shelves, I found this gem. We immediately thought to share with Found! Love the part about Dale not getting any presents for Christmas.

Rez Rap

My real estate agent and I were touring some potential investment properties when we found this in a vacant trailer home. This young rapper might be advised to stay in school or check into rehab.

Not a Bad Way to Kill a Week

This was found outside a Target store. Somebody (looks like girl’s handwriting) was planning an action-packed seven days!


I teach at a local city college, so I find a lot of things around campus. This appears to be from an ESL class and it shows that bullies are just as transparent as the rest of us.

Mu = Dumbo

If the original problem involves a huge spring pushing an apple crate up a skateboarding ramp, is an elephant acting as a resisting force all that far off?


Found crumpled on the floor of the #75 bus.