I found this obviously-forged note on the ground. I like to think that the person who wrote it was very proud of their forging skills and was distraught to discover they had lost their masterpiece.

I Will Stay Seated

I found this at the women’s locker room at Vanderbilt’s gym in Nashville. When I found this, all I wanted to do was run around and around.


Whenever I find a discarded spiral notebook with unused paper in it, I save it for students who don’t bring paper to class. Sometimes these spiral notebooks have some interesting stuff in them. This drawing is one. I’m not a science teacher, but the shape of this guy reminds me of what I remember about … Continued

The Hottest

I found this under one of the desks in my high school English class.

What It’s Like to Like Baseball

I bought a used composition book because it already had quite a bit of writing in it. Graham’s writing improves as he gets older.

If Your Beliefs

Another from the university recycling bins during move-out week. Sounds like an interesting poem.

Quote Me Now

The bottom left corner has been ripped off. I’m actually kind of hoping it didn’t work out for these two.

Still Feeling the Lack of Medicine

Another mysterious paper from one of the university recycling bins during move-out week. I don’t think the relationship lasted long after that.