Inch Worm

So, I got out of my final class of the day, and headed to the student lounge to wait for my fiancée to get out of her last class– an hour or so difference. I passed by one of the tables, making a straight line to the comfy chairs in the corner of the lounge … Continued

The Family Portait

I found this by a computer in a college library. This seems like the inaccurate stereotype that people have about Arkansas.

Alex B+

I was walking down the street during my counseling session and I found this in the grass.

Future Lawyers of America

I found this in a book that was donated to our library by one of the professors in the law school. The image is date-stamped December, 1976, on the back. it was just too good to toss and now hangs on my fridge.


I found this outside a 4th grade classroom. I dig the front and end exclamation points.

Wuts Good

I found this outside Drake High School.

Fun Lunch!

In a box of discarded pictures from cleaning out the yearbook’s cabinets, this one jumped out at me as a favorite.

Please Don’t Hate Me

Found this in puddle beside my car in the parking lot at East Tennessee State University while leaving campus on a rainy afternoon in October.

School Is Worse Than I Thought

I found this while cleaning out some old folders in an art storage area at the end of the school year at the school where I work.