The Smurfing

I found this in a computer lab at my university, where students often work late into the night.

Big Van

This appears to be a homework assignment or a class exercise. Not sure what questions 3 & 4 would be.


It’s printed on receipt paper and I had expected it to be someone’s due date slip. What is the Order? Who is the Magister and what happened at the banquet??

I’m Hairy

I found this in the recycle bin in my French class.

Meow to the 47th

I found this on a piece of scratch paper in the math lab at my school.

Phonetic Swearing

I found this while helping inventory books in a school library at the end of the school year.

OMG I Cnt Wait

This note totally made my day. The nicknames they gave each other are absolutely hilarious: Soy Sauce, BLT, and Ranch.


I found this on the desk behind me in my 9th grade English class. It was so incredibly random that people tried to take it from me all day long. I still haven’t found out who “Scott” is at my high school.