You Never Kiss Me

Found on the sidewalk in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Doggy Weather

I found this on on 17th Street near Noe.  Pretty self-explanatory. Notice the alliteration (more visual than aural) “tootled through the tree trail.”

Mega Giant

I found this note on the sidewalk near my apartment one morning.

Full of Happiness

I live a few doors down from Dolores Park, and the amount of trash that gets blown into my building’s driveway & garage is pretty impressive. Usually it’s just paletas wrappers, empty beer cases, and pollen. A couple of weeks ago I was in a crappy mood as I went to get my car: someone … Continued

Have Mercy

My next door neighbor just moved out, leaving a dozen large-sized pizza boxes in the recycling. I was flattening them to make more room in the bin, and found this between the top two. He was the squarest man I’ve ever met, and I can’t believe he ever played ANY Bowie album, good or bad. … Continued

Bad Housekeeper

I received this in the mail. It was addressed to my first initial and maiden name. There was no signature or return address. It was postmarked Santa Clarita, CA. It terrified me for awhile, then I put it on my fridge. You take it.


8-1/2″ by 11″ transparency found in the gutter in the Castro district.

Anywhere But Here

I found this photo on the sidewalk in Lower Haight. Initially it reminded me of a lot of the homes I saw recently in Cambodia. Then I realized that it could have been taken in San Francisco. Then I realized it could have been taken in any major city in any country in the world.