High Noon

I found this on the sidewalk next to a debris box on Central Avenue, between Fulton and Masonic.

Palm Man

I found this photo dated June 1963 on a street in San Francisco last year. It has an odd note on the back that reads “taken too late at night”. But too late for what?

Gentleman’s Agreement

Found when taking out my trash and recycling in the Castro neighborhood. It irritates me, since I’m not getting any.

To Help Him

I found this on Potrero Hill. The piece of paper was taped to the sidewalk just before an intersection. I guess Hammer doesn’t have a pager.


I found this on my windshield in the SFO long-term parking, October 2012. I was very late for a flight and parked quickly in a tight spot. I realized I severely squeezed someone in, but I had absolutely no time to park again. The whole 4-day trip I wondered if I’d get a ticket, towed, … Continued

Lots of Possibilities

I found this piece of torn cardboard just up the street from my house in Cole Valley. I picture a teenager writing it, maybe experimenting with a god complex, or maybe just making a list of morbid verbs. Apparently, “confuse” didn’t make the cut.

What is It?

I found this note outside a school near San Francisco’s Civic Center. It’s a double-sided sheet of 8.5×11 paper written in no.2 pencil and it smells like elementary school. “What is it?” makes me believe this child has a fascination with the dichotomy of space paraphernalia and the mundane. I am fascinated at how the … Continued

West Coast Fashions

I found this Polaroid in a primered-out ’78 Buick at the notorious San Francisco City Tow car auction (where they sell all the cars towed away for illegal parking). I didn’t buy the Buick, but I grabbed this Polaroid out of the glove box. It seems to be a shot from some sort of fashion … Continued