A Beautiful Butterfly

Found this crumpled up into a tight little ball, on the street in the fairly downtrodden Tenderloin District. Kinda sad that such a heartfelt message of hope got discarded with such intention.

Left My Heart in San Francisco

Found this on the railing to a wooden bridge near the Buddha. Seems someone left more than a photo behind.

The One with the Cats

I found this in the vestibule of my apartment building one night, and I just had to open the envelope and read it. I put it back where I left it though, so I’m not a total asshole.


My boyfriend told me “I found a negative” and I thought that he meant he found one of mine on the floor (I’ve been scanning negatives all day for a show), but I looked at it and it was definitely not mine. Turned out that he found it while he was on a walk. Enjoy!

Desire Help!

I live in a old duplex and the shared laundry area is in the basement/garage area. This piece of cardboard was nailed to the studs behind the washer when I moved in.


I was very nervous before I had even found the note because I was on a second date with someone I had a serious crush on. Once I found it everything was calm and, well, ridiculously perfect. We’ve been together now for almost two years but I still find this note from time to time … Continued

Yo, Comcast Guy

I was giving a walking tour when I spotted this.


I found this on the streets of SF when I was living there sometime around 1995-1998. I hope whoever created it is still running amok.

In a Bald Mood

I picture the person who lost this as an old hippie with wispy, shoulder-length gray hair who laments the loss of his youth and hair.