Model Citizen

I found this on a telephone pole along the 38 line in San Francisco.

Fifteen Years Ago

I found this really cute baby picture a few blocks from my house. “September 1981″ is printed on the back the picture.

Horse Shadow Well

I found this photo in 1977 in San Francisco when I was an art school dropout trying to scrape by. I loved the photo from the get go and have had it ever since. In fact it has been in a frame on my wall for many years and now I pass it on.

Punk Abrasion

Found on a rainy sidewalk circa 1983.


I found this in an alley between 10th and 11th streets in San Francisco. Thought it was kinda funny. Someone in my office said it smelled like it came from a public restroom.

Even If You Were Provoked

A friend of mine found this in the West Portal district. I can only imagine what shocking events destroyed this person’s faith in firemen. Are there still children who want to grow up to be fireman? Apparently so.

Mr. Big Snake

The attached is a note a friend of a friend found outside their apartment (or on their car) in 1998.

I Not Stole Your Box

We came back from holiday and this note was on our doorstep in a bag of opened gifts someone had sent us. Obviously they were so taken by the box they had to see what was inside.

No Brian Try To Find One

My girlfriend found this on her truck a couple days ago when coming back from an appointment. Not sure what Brian can do about this one. Apparently he is the one to solve the parking issues here.

Put Jamba in Fridge

Someone used this to pay the $5 cover of our art gallery happy hour here in San Francisco. It made us laugh.