Up Here, Mister

I found this on the sidewalk of a store I shop at.

Could Yoo

During a period when my car was in the shop, I took the bus to my babysitting gigs in Inglewood for a week – a VERY long ride. One morning I arrived pretty early, and instead of showing up at the door and hanging around awkwardly, I decided to take a walk. I found this … Continued


My best friend accidentally booked us rooms at the wrong motel the night of her wedding. This was the first thing I saw, when closing the door.

Have Mercy

My next door neighbor just moved out, leaving a dozen large-sized pizza boxes in the recycling. I was flattening them to make more room in the bin, and found this between the top two. He was the squarest man I’ve ever met, and I can’t believe he ever played ANY Bowie album, good or bad. … Continued

No Vomit in Sink

I was visiting a company’s swanky modern office, and I found this in the bathroom. I immediately burst out laughing, and all sorts of images came into my head of a post-drink-binge-morning-after-run-to-bathroom-vomit (and not quite making it to the toilet). And the outrage and disgust of maintenance when they find the hurl in the sink. … Continued

Send Money

My girlfriend and I found this on the way to lunch one afternoon.

Thank You Very Much

Found this on the floor of my apartment building, but I didn’t hear anything.


Found this on the ground while doing some work in my yard. Thought it was an odd bit of advice.


Found this on the back of a “NO FARTING” sign.

Don’t Be Mean to Me

I found this in a drawer in a restaurant in Los Feliz. It’s obviously written by a child, and it breaks my heart that a child would ever have to feel this guarded that he would write something so profound and emotional. I hope that this kid is having a better go of life by … Continued