I Don’t Know How to Thank You

I found this post-it note at a campsite near Guerneville. I imagine it rode there attached to a yummy box of Hamburger Helper or similar, a child’s fondest wish finally becoming reality. Really, how does one thank someone for such a joy?


Well I guess to be a good repoman it probably helps to know the difference between a Cavalier and a Subara Impreza. My girlfriend found this under her windshield wiper while on business. She never bothered to contact Bob … hope everything turned out sheriffic for Robert!

Well, ARE They?

This was found near a wastebasket at my doctor’s office. It appears to be the continuation of a discussion. And who are “they,” anyway?


This tiny triangular sticky note was stuck to a folder that was left on my desk at work.

Such a Good Question

I found this folded into a teeny, tiny square on the sidewalk. I picked it up and opened it. It is a timeless question.


My friend and I were picking up trash in the school when we came across this.


I found this note on the ground while taking the baby for a walk in our ritzy little neighborhood.

Kung-Fu Possum

I found this in an academic building at my college during a training session. It was crumpled up in a ball on the floor.

Broken BBQ

Someone is disgruntled at the vending machine.