2nd Rate

This was found on the ground at Ithaca College.

It’s Not on Any Calendar

This was found behind a cabinet while cleaning. Written by my grandmother? No idea when or what holiday had her confused.

Dear Bobby

Found in parking lot. Bobby is an uncaring bastard.

It’s Like Table Tennis

I was just sitting, waiting to get my passport info turned in, so I sat on the floor and was knitting. The note was stuck to my knitting back along with some dusty stuff… I thought it was very interesting… but who the hell is Stacie?

An Ominous Post-It

I found this post-it  presumably a note my predecessor had written to herself  in my desk during my first day on the job. How depressing.

Drug Attic

Found on the window of the CTA El train.

Oh Crap

This was left over from a management conference. The topic of discussion at the time involved employee salary.

Our Churches

I found this in an old pulpit at my school. I wonder what they concluded.

Love Hangman

Found this in a novelty restaurant, the kind where you order using a phone. At our booth was a small notebook, I imagine to write your order down before “calling.” Most of the pages were scrawled down choices from the menu, but on one page, was this. So simple and yet it raised so many … Continued