My friend and I were picking up trash in the school when we came across this.


I found this note on the ground while taking the baby for a walk in our ritzy little neighborhood.

Kung-Fu Possum

I found this in an academic building at my college during a training session. It was crumpled up in a ball on the floor.

Broken BBQ

Someone is disgruntled at the vending machine.

Why Do I Care?

I found this in a notepad in the library at my high school.

Do You Like My Stuff?

Found on the ground or in a trashcan at the carwash. It made me happy. Does it make you happy? Yes or no?

Drink More Ultra

So I arrive at the Y early one morning, hop on the elliptical machine and begin my routine as I wait for my friend Lillia to arrive. I look down to set my time on the machine and see this note lying there.

You Sexy Thing

Gotta love a love note written in crayon!

The Polite Vamp

While walking into my local purveyor of finely crafted crap from China, I spied the word “blood” on a piece of paper in the parking lot. Thinking it was someone’s Christmas shopping list, I picked it up…

See What?

Here is a little Post-it I came upon while walking through the halls of my high school. It didn’t make much sense to me but it does seem to make you wonder… “Did you see it too?”