The Polite Vamp

While walking into my local purveyor of finely crafted crap from China, I spied the word “blood” on a piece of paper in the parking lot. Thinking it was someone’s Christmas shopping list, I picked it up…

See What?

Here is a little Post-it I came upon while walking through the halls of my high school. It didn’t make much sense to me but it does seem to make you wonder… “Did you see it too?”

Beneath Me, Too

Found in the freezer of our office kitchenette.

What Type of Cookie?

I found this note in a Rainer Maria Rilke poetry book on loan from the University of Michigan undergraduate library.

Pepperoni Frustrations

We always eat in our company’s cafeteria. As you walk out, there is a board of comment cards for people to express their feelings on the cafeteria food. So as we leave, we often read them for a little laugh. This card was just hilarious. I had to take it. If someone has frustrations about … Continued

2nd Rate

This was found on the ground at Ithaca College.

It’s Not on Any Calendar

This was found behind a cabinet while cleaning. Written by my grandmother? No idea when or what holiday had her confused.

Dear Bobby

Found in parking lot. Bobby is an uncaring bastard.

It’s Like Table Tennis

I was just sitting, waiting to get my passport info turned in, so I sat on the floor and was knitting. The note was stuck to my knitting back along with some dusty stuff… I thought it was very interesting… but who the hell is Stacie?