Thor Wants To

We found this on a bench on the University of Prince Edward Island campus. I hope she was happy with the decision she made.

Feminine Masculine

Someone left this on the circulation desk in October of 2002. I guess it’s advice/commands for drag ball participants. My favorite line is the last one.

Breaking Up Isn’t Easy

I found this on the ground at a shopping mall. I passed it once and didn’t pick it up, but told myself if I went back it was mine. Could have been a grocery list or something else mundane. But it turned out to be notes someone made related to a break up! Delicious. Maybe … Continued

Slice of Life

I found this beer coaster tucked into an electricity box on the side of the road a year ago and have it stuck up in my room. Looks like this guy was having a beer and contemplating his life goals. I think he should stay clear of Diana (bottom right).