Joe It Is

I found this on my desk in Chemistry class. Apparently Joe has a secret admirer.

What I Value in a Partner

I found this list on top of a baby change table in the women’s washroom at a drop-in play group.

Why to Go to U of A

A co-worker and I found this on the way out of our building one day. We can only assume that this girl is trying to convince her parents why she should go to UA. However, we cannot fathom how and why this school would help “deal with fear problems.”

Karen’s Guide

Found in the women’s restroom at Mary’s Club, an infamous and seamy strip joint. Karen wrote on her lovely stationary what I can only assume are burning questions she’d pose to a potential date. Question #1 is valid: married? Then a second important question: kids? But then after that – is she just looking for … Continued

Thor Wants To

We found this on a bench on the University of Prince Edward Island campus. I hope she was happy with the decision she made.

Feminine Masculine

Someone left this on the circulation desk in October of 2002. I guess it’s advice/commands for drag ball participants. My favorite line is the last one.

Breaking Up Isn’t Easy

I found this on the ground at a shopping mall. I passed it once and didn’t pick it up, but told myself if I went back it was mine. Could have been a grocery list or something else mundane. But it turned out to be notes someone made related to a break up! Delicious. Maybe … Continued

Slice of Life

I found this beer coaster tucked into an electricity box on the side of the road a year ago and have it stuck up in my room. Looks like this guy was having a beer and contemplating his life goals. I think he should stay clear of Diana (bottom right).