Idiot List

Found along the walk.

No Maternal Instinct

While cleaning off a table I found this crumpled up napkin stuffed in the seat.

What I Want in a Guy

There are six pages with writing in this spiral notebook (with the cover “Orient’e – Authentic Oriental, Made in Japan”), none of which look like they were done by the same person. Following a first page that simply says, “Mike’s Phylosiphy”, and several blank pages interspersed with a crossed out grocery list and a page … Continued


I found this in a fast food parking lot. The thing about “not being dead” in the pro side pretty much speaks for itself.

Guy I Want

I was working gown pickup at graduation at the University of Houston and I found this note on the back of a gown receipt on a bench after the ceremony. Looks like she was ready to start her life out right with drugs and cuddles.

Surviving Homeschooling

This list of “pros and cons” was in a book called Surviving Homeschooling. Found in a second-hand book store.

Joe It Is

I found this on my desk in Chemistry class. Apparently Joe has a secret admirer.

What I Value in a Partner

I found this list on top of a baby change table in the women’s washroom at a drop-in play group.