A Thoughtful Farewell

I found this on the street on my way to pick up my daughter from school. There are a couple of pre-teen girls in my neighborhood and I guess one of them wrote this. I had no idea there was such drama going on– fights, cake fights, hatred of Bri, and poor grandma.

My Fresh Start

Found folded and dirty on the ground like it had blown out of someone’s car– scrawled thoughts in blue cursive, kind of a heartbreaking combination of hope and sadness. I hope it was truly the fresh start the person was hoping for.

A Little Emergency

Found this while looking for clipboards in the Maitland Art Center’s least used storage room, the “scary room.” Written on a piece of canvas and shoved REALLY deep in a box full of little tissue paper squares. I wonder what the emergency was!


This was found in a grocery store parking lot on a particularly gusty afternoon.

Very Fierce

Found by a walking trail outside of town. I have absolutely no idea what it means!

Connie’s Break-Up

I found this gem on a walk after a rainy day- hence the wet paper. I feel kind of bad for Connie but this made me chuckle.

Weird Driving Rats

I found this in my house and have no clue or it’s origin.


Found this in a parking lot. Is it a comparison of lovers to find the best one? Comparing each other? What got me are the sincere, gentle questions then: “Who does more shots when you go out?”

The Longing

Hey, I miss you more than I will ever openly admit to your face. I wish we could go back in time and re live everything. Even the good and the bad. I want to experience it all again – maybe then we could do things right. —-