Don’t Tell Her

Found this note folded and in the gutter at NE 12th & Davis. Wonder who the “her” is and hoping that this direct approach paid off.

Baby Dear

My boyfriend Trevor noticed this on the bulletin board in the communal laundry room of our apartment complex. The story was proudly thumb-tacked to the board (in the order of author, story, and then title) for everyone to read. While the pride and joy that Tiffany clearly took in writing and displaying this made me … Continued

Wal-Mart TV

So I get home the other day and find this note in an envelope on my front door. I work from home during the day and leave the blinds open in the front of the house to let light in.

A Gift For Theo

This find is a modern find! I am a mom of two young kids so I order a lot on Amazon so I don’t have to take them to store. In my Amazon order of sippy cups, baby bath wash, and wipes, I find this gift note from Amazon. It surprised me and made me … Continued

From Juicy to Superman

I found this folded up, wet and laying in some leaves. I can only guess that it blew from down the street where a few teenagers live. Pretty juicy letter from Juicy.

Hats and Anarchy

I found this on a line #75 bus seat on the TriMet Bus. Made me chuckle.

Missing Birks

Found this note at the communal showers for a week long bike ride across Colorado. Pretty funny way to put it.