I think this fell out of someone’s backpack. It was on the ground next to them. Glad they didn’t pick it up.

Pan Fried Snatch

A coworker and I were working on the boiler in this building, and he told me to go to the kitchen and check the water temp at the sink hydrant. This note was posted over the cook stove. It must have been pretty recent, as it alluded to “No hot water” which was part of … Continued

Sorry about the Drama

I had found this while taking a break from judging at a Speech and Debate tournament. It was sitting on the grass just outside of some portable classrooms. It’s slightly sad, and reminded me of my early relationship with my fiance. I can only hope that all goes well with this couple.

Drives Like Maniac

I found this note balled up in a neighbor’s front yard while jogging. It was written on the back of stationery from a local landlord’s office.

Quit Your Mistake Making

My friend found this wedged in between the bars on the underside of her desk. Our class is 3rd period, so we have no clue who either the writer or the intended receiver/offender is.

Didn’t Need Anything

My friend and I were hiking the Knobstone trail (a scenic trail of about 60 miles). Around mile 30, I found this note resting in the middle of the trail.


Out walking dog and noticed this small scrap of paper blowing and tumbling along the sidewalk.