I Am in Great Peril

I was at a party last night up on the roof top of the Ritz Carlton on Canal Street last night. My friends and I decided to hit the lounge bar on the 3rd floor. So, we took the elevator down to the 3rd floor and when walking to the bar there was this open … Continued


I was at my campus library browsing for books when I found this folded up inside one of them.

They Tricked Me

I found this note written on Keebler stationary in the case of a Polaroid camera purchased at a flea market… Tampered brake lines, deception, heartbreak.

Good Luck

I found this in the local park. Sounds very, VERY bitter!

I Have to Go

Found on a high school staffroom table.

Ninja Son

This was found at a small, makeshift encampment where there were many items strewn about. It was very sad to think that someone would have to resort to this refuge in this area known if not for its wealth, at least for it’s established opportunities for the working class.

Gangsta Love Note

I found this in front of the movie theater where my husband and I were going to see the newest Batman movie. It was in the street folded into a square and had been run and walked over repeatedly. I was so excited to have a find after visiting the site and reading the books … Continued

If You Have a Secret

I found this folded into an impossibly small square in the gutter in front of our local paper’s office.