Donovan must have done something.


I found this Post-it note on the sidewalk outside of the building where I work. I spent the better part of my day trying to figure out which one of my coworkers wrote it, and whose back they stuck it on.

Live Life

Found on the floor of the new international terminal, at Calgary Airport (YYC)

I Almost Feel Creative Tonite

In 1994 I bought the Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol. 2 LP at Discount Records (R.I.P.) and this 45 was stuck in the sleeve with the original two records.

Endless Love

I bought Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember at my local library’s bookstore. A beautiful but tragic love story. Inside I found a real love letter written on the first page. After reading it I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to them and why anyone would misplace such a beautiful letter.

Warning Future Adam

I found this whilst working at the Salvation Army, on the backside is a treasure map I was never able to decipher.

Decisions, Decisions

My 7-year-old son brought this home one day. This leaves me wondering what the problem is, and how it could possibly involve nets and plastic.