Bank Deposit

Found early one morning on the roadside.

Red Shorts Boy

At Coachella, my friend Phil was attracting all the men because all he was wearing were these red booty shorts. I guess the boys who parked next to us wanted to get in them– we found this on our windshield!

So Here I Am

I work at a downtown public library and found a series of notes written on small sheets of scrap paper that we use to jot down titles, call numbers, etc. It took me a few minutes to put the cards in order, and was thrilled when I discovered I had all the pieces.

My Name Is Zerm

Found this while cleaning up the lab to get it ready to open this school year. It must have been left during summer school while “Zerm” was working on spelling and grammar.


Found tied to a telephone pole with twine in the French Quarter.

Worm-nosed Snail-eaters

I found this note folded and sealed with tape on the stairs at school. The halls were empty, so I think it must have been dropped before she received it. Since I’m a worm-nosed snail-eater I opened it.

Thanks a Lot

In the midst of our uncommonly fierce winter weather this past January, parking became an even more contentious issue than usual. I found this notice on the ground that evidently had been placed on some offending person’s windshield.