Fish Girl

My friends found this at a party we were at. It was on the ground in the alley where the party was taking place, and I was so excited I grabbed it from them so I could send it in. On the other side is written “Fish Girl” in odd curly handwriting with hearts for … Continued

It’s Totally Awesome

I found this stuck in the windshield wipers of a car in 1991. We didn’t investigate.

The Feng Shui Was Not Right

The note was left by our house sitter when we were on the road with the circus. We “fired” her when she created a situation with the local teenagers that resulted in our home getting broken into. When we returned, every stick of furniture and every picture and wall hanging was removed and crammed into … Continued

Dear Cherisse

Found on a side walk in a gutter under the El tracks near Chicago and Franklin.

You’re Right

In fall of 2005 I took my first trip alone to visit my grandmother. We were taking a walk near the Quaker Meeting House when I saw her dog curiously sniffing a folded paper. Upon investigation I found this! And, to my great pleasure, about 100 feet down the road was another small note, this … Continued

You Better Go Through with It

I found this note torn into little pieces and stuffed into a vintage sewing pattern envelope (for teen sportswear, ca. 1960). At first it seems like a pretty normal middle-school love letter, but that last line is a tad ominous!

Respectfully Homeless

I found this note stuck to the door of an unused garbage dumpster shed in the parking lot where I work. I had noticed someone must have been living in it a week or two before from empty liquor bottles strewn about. I guess they got caught and moved on. I never saw them once … Continued

The Bike Message

I came outside for my lunch break this afternoon to find a note on my bike. No idea who it was from, but apparently they’d really like to park their bike where I’ve parked mine for the past two years.

Popos and Mickey D’s

I found the journal left by the printer in the computer lab of the design school during one of my many all nighters.