Add Christmas Sense

Found this snowflake outside Jefferson Elementary School in December, 2009.

Check on the Graves

I found this little note while cleaning out my desk at work. I am pretty sure a child wrote it from the handwriting and content. I like the bit about tell me if the wind is still blowing. Thought it was a cute, yet disturbing, look into the secret lives of children.


I came out of Office Depot one night recently to find this under my wiper blade. The weird part was that my car was the only one close to the store in the Office Depot parking lot at that hour. I guess I looked singularly clueless to someone who had been there and left. I … Continued

Love Always, Ginger

I bought a very conservative flannel night gown at Salvation Army as a joke bachelorette party gift. When I was folding the night gown to wrap it, I noticed something in the pocket, this note. The odd thing is that the nightgown still had the tags and everything on it, which makes me wonder if … Continued

Free As A Bee

Found in a mostly blank music notebook. I didn’t think much of it until I read the last sentence then decided to submit it.

Beyond the Call of Duty

Found this on my way into Schnuck’s for some groceries after class one night. It seems Danny was helping put on a dance recital.

Don’t Run from Pregzilla

I found this note in an alleyway downtown. Nearby there is an art gallery/tattoo parlor, which I imagine the writer attends. It’s got some arty style in the openin, and some good life advice.

I Almost Feel Creative Tonite

In 1994 I bought the Bob Dylan Greatest Hits Vol. 2 LP at Discount Records (R.I.P.) and this 45 was stuck in the sleeve with the original two records.

Today’s Wisdom

I found this sitting on top of a bush while I was walking my dog. I thought it would be something that would make me laugh, but I ended up feeling pretty inspired.

Southpaw’s scoops

I found this Post-It in March 2016 in a snowbank on the sidewalk off 46th Street. I wonder if Southpaw did think the scoops were better.