Decisions, Decisions

My 7-year-old son brought this home one day. This leaves me wondering what the problem is, and how it could possibly involve nets and plastic.

Am Not

So late one night I went to Burger King and there was one other guy there, either drunk out of his mind or higher than a kite at a rave. Evidently he thought I was a vampire, followed me home, and left this on my doorstep. It’s on the back of some sheet music, and … Continued

Great Job on

I found this when I needed it most. It was on the door of a bathroom stall.

Now What?

I found this while bar-hopping downtown one night and, given my condition, thought it was deeply perplexing.

The One with the Cats

I found this in the vestibule of my apartment building one night, and I just had to open the envelope and read it. I put it back where I left it though, so I’m not a total asshole.

If Your Beliefs

Another from the university recycling bins during move-out week. Sounds like an interesting poem.

Quote Me Now

The bottom left corner has been ripped off. I’m actually kind of hoping it didn’t work out for these two.

Don’t Run from Pregzilla

I found this note in an alleyway downtown. Nearby there is an art gallery/tattoo parlor, which I imagine the writer attends. It’s got some arty style in the openin, and some good life advice.