I found this in a rental car at the airport when I was on vacation in the Carolinas.


I found two photos inside a photo album at the thrift store. Both are strangely matte (not glossy) so they were probably printed off somebody’s computer.

Probably Expired

I found this Polaroid on the floor in Goodwill. I don’t know if there was a camera for sale and this is a test photo or if it fell out of an album or what. It’s probably expired film and it looks like it was stuck in the camera and somebody pulled it out. Must … Continued

Media Services Sucks

I found two of these in the recycling bin by the copiers in the library. One copy was clearer than the other. There’s about a million reasons to dislike media services, however there were no other copies indicating which reason it might have been.

Raisin Kids

My friend Amy gave this to me a couple of years ago after I introduced her to FOUND Magazine. I think she found it in the back of a used book. Thanks, Amy!

Holy Star Wars!!

I picked up a diary in the children’s section of a thrift store. Some of the pages had prompts at the top. This one was “future predictions.” I taught 3rd graders for a year so if you can’t understand this, it translates to, “It will be like Star Wars. You will have a chore-bot. There … Continued


I found this in a public library book.

We Don’t Agree with Everything This Book Says

Our 10-year-old is becoming a little man so to help explain all the changes, we got some books out of the library. In this one book about puberty, he found these notes from a previous borrower, each sticky note placed at a page with the corresponding information. I wonder if Dad agreed with Mom. And … Continued