Control Yourself

I found this folded up in a hymnal in my school chapel. It has eluded my efforts to find out who wrote it and to whom.

Good Life

I found this in an empty shopping cart. I didn’t think much of it, but it seems the person writing it wants something better for Cassie

Hippie Bullshit Blah

Here’s a bite from a past job that I keep in my wallet with my other finds.

No Matter How Funny It Is

I found this note on my way to class at the University of North Carolina. I walked past it, but came back to pick it up. It has a teacher’s response to a student’s paper on the front and I flipped it over to find the note.

Chuck Taylors and Cigs

Sometimes I check out– and even read– books from the library. I was reading John Berger’s “On Looking” (great, btw) and out fell this terrific photo. No writing on the back, just “Kodak paper.” It looks like a silver gelatin process, a little dark, but so gorgeous. I contacted our librarian, but the library doesn’t … Continued

Fat Camp Sux

I found this note by a computer in the library. I thought it was very strange.

Like a Bud in the Carpet

I found this sitting on a trashcan at a supermarket. I’m not really sure what to make of it, other than a) the author fancies himself something of a rapper and b) he smokes a good deal of pot. (Note the “bud the in the carpet” line, not to mention the telling shopping list on … Continued

Grand New York

I found this poem in the Baldwin Auditorium at Duke University.

Dear School

Found in my elementary school’s computer lab.


I found this picture while my flatmate, AJ, and I were walking to the gym on campus. I have to guess that someone small took this one.