This was one of two crumpled sheets of paper I found in an otherwise empty trashcan at the back of an old hardware store. The other sheet was covered with hearts and had “I love my dog. I love you God.”

Pretty Koko

This was inside of a book of cat pictures. Apparently this old lady lost her beloved kitty Koko and was practically inconsolable so her daughter bought her this book. The whole book was full of quotes and poems that she wrote. Poor old cat lady.

Gonna Pounce!

It’s a polaroid of a kitten. Everybody loves kittens!


Interesting groceries.

The Pledge

I walked out of my (shitty) apartment one spring morning in 1991 and found this message scotch taped to every post and pole along three blocks of McClintock Road. I use the find regularly in my fiction writing classes, and it still moves me after all these years. I wish the scanner could capture the … Continued

Control Yourself

I found this folded up in a hymnal in my school chapel. It has eluded my efforts to find out who wrote it and to whom.

Good Life

I found this in an empty shopping cart. I didn’t think much of it, but it seems the person writing it wants something better for Cassie

Hippie Bullshit Blah

Here’s a bite from a past job that I keep in my wallet with my other finds.

No Matter How Funny It Is

I found this note on my way to class at the University of North Carolina. I walked past it, but came back to pick it up. It has a teacher’s response to a student’s paper on the front and I flipped it over to find the note.

Chuck Taylors and Cigs

Sometimes I check out– and even read– books from the library. I was reading John Berger’s “On Looking” (great, btw) and out fell this terrific photo. No writing on the back, just “Kodak paper.” It looks like a silver gelatin process, a little dark, but so gorgeous. I contacted our librarian, but the library doesn’t … Continued