We’re Only Gonna Die Anyways

I found this while exploring an abandoned house with my cousin. It was crumpled up and shoved under a couch cushion.


My wife and I drove by a soft-cushioned chair that had been set out and thought “Hey, someone threw away a perfectly good chair that might look great upstairs!” We loaded the chair into my truck and drove it home. It smelled slightly of cat pee so we decided to rip out the cloth bottom … Continued

Straighten It Out, Leon

I found this when I was wandering around after I locked myself out of the house on Thanksgiving.

Mohawk Windmill

I found this photocopy stapled to a bench at my local community college. I really like the second astronaut at the top- he just looks so optimistic.

So Much That

This note was found near the cashier’s station in the cafe where I work.

Weird Driving Rats

I found this in my house and have no clue or it’s origin.

This Thing

This was found partially crumpled outside a college dorm on the last day of the school year.