Christmas 1994

I found this picture in a diary at a rummage sale. Apparently the pretty little girl in this photo grew up to be a pretty young lady. However, at the time she was writing this diary she was in college and planning on achieving her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Let’s all hope she … Continued

Big Toe!!

I found this in a old china hutch that was purchased from a thrift store. I have no idea who she is or where she was at but she looks happy!


Found crumpled in a ball beside a garbage can.

Can’t Find the Exit

In this photo, I think I see toilet paper, tables, a hardhat and an exit sign. Must have been some party.

Help Me, Lincoln!

Another mysterious paper from one of the university recycling bins during move-out week. The back reads “Lincoln = in spite of everything, how did you keep your determination and resolve, or did you?”

White Lightning

As a North Carolina native and having spent my whole life there, I had liked to think that I knew everything about it; but, sometimes you can get deep into the countryside and find things so authentic and so foreign that you feel like you are in a completely different country. This was found at … Continued

Ventura Carbon Copy

I purchased an old Ventura typewriter at a thrift store and there were two of these black pieces of paper (carbon copy paper, I think?) on which the writer had typed a couple of letters. What begins as a letter submitted along with a payment then intertwines with a heartfelt letter of guilt and loneliness. … Continued


I found this in a rental car at the airport when I was on vacation in the Carolinas.