Modern Lovers

Found this in a dumpster by my house. I really like Theron’s use of metaphor, and I’m curious as to what he means by “hospital”.

Dear Tooth Fairy

I found this note in my car, but do not know how it got there or who Andre might be. My only guess on how it got in my car is that one of my friends found it and put it there thinking I would get a kick out of it. My wild guess about … Continued

The Dragonaires

We’re a record store. As it’s the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK, we found a JFK tribute record we were going to play, and out fell these scraps of paper. Really awesome stuff. Wish I knew who they were and where they were from.

Ex Oh Ex Oh

I was taking a break from my run this morning at a shady picnic table in the park. As I leaned over to catch my breathe, I noticed a torn photograph scattered in the grass. I put the pieces together and discovered that someone probably had their heart broken recently.

Selling Smiles

FOUND in the original envelope in a bowling bag at a flea market.

Plaid Clad Girls

My car was stolen from the front of my house. When it was recovered a few days later, these were in my car: -A dusty, leather and wood chair -One volume of the Christian bible -This crumpled snapshot of plaid-clad girls

No Nuthin

I found this sticking to a traffic cone inside the University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Center. I’m assuming it’s a wet paint sign, but there was nothing being painted that I saw.    


Of special interest is the notation ‘Untenable situation + timing’ at the bottom. Was this a handy turn of phrase that the writer wanted to remember?