What is Rage Like?

FOUND by Jeremy in St. Paul, MN

I found this lying in my driveway, all crumpled up in a ball in the snow. Its a wonder I even noticed it, as it was white on white. At first, I assumed that this was the abandoned start of something more substantial, but there’s something about the odd spacing between the words that makes me feel that this thought is intentionally concise and complete.

Non C’era



FOUND by Raquel; Hostel Lima, Peru
My last night in Peru after serving 2 years in the Peace Corps, I found this post-it on the door to my private hostel room. It was a poem in Italian about giving in to the fates. I got the gist of it with my rudimentary-level Italian. The message rung true on this, the closing of one chapter and beginning of another. A good sign in a time of transition. But using Google translate I was able to create a more coherent translation here: “There was no more wind, there was no more night, there was no more sea. It came, and knowing where to go and that it was all destiny, I was open to it and to the interminable build up of time and the taste of surrendering to fate, knowing where to go and to reach for it.”