FOUND by Mike Gorman in Scarborough, Maine

I was looking through some used books at a company fund raiser for the United Way when this fell out. At first, I thought it was a laundry list, but I soon realized it was far from it. I was so surprised by what this list said, I forgot to look at the title of the book it came from. Drats! And to be honest, I had to look up exsanguination :-/

Did this person solve the crime of the century? Or, just figure out the book before the end?!

So Ergent


FOUND by Dave Nalesnik on the sidewalk

I found this one a while back while out walking my dog. Not really sure what it is, but I like to imagine it’s someone trying to work some magic by stating their desire to the universe by writing it down. I guess they really wanna lose that cherry!

Message in a Flashlight


FOUND by Holly P. in Central Wisconsin’s bog country

The basic story is this: I found this message rolled up inside a flashlight in a deserted patch of woods near my home. The area is not well traveled–pretty much me and one older woman, as we both walk our dogs through there. I’ve only visited there once since finding the flashlight with the message. Guess I don’t want to find out who Joey is!