Selling Smiles

FOUND in the original envelope in a bowling bag at a flea market.

Plaid Clad Girls

My car was stolen from the front of my house. When it was recovered a few days later, these were in my car: -A dusty, leather and wood chair -One volume of the Christian bible -This crumpled snapshot of plaid-clad girls

No Nuthin

I found this sticking to a traffic cone inside the University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Center. I’m assuming it’s a wet paint sign, but there was nothing being painted that I saw.    


Of special interest is the notation ‘Untenable situation + timing’ at the bottom. Was this a handy turn of phrase that the writer wanted to remember?

Paris Easter Sunday 1919

Found this photo in the 1915 edition of “The AIT Cycle”, the student annual of the Armour Institute of Technology in Chicago. There were three different volumes found in the old Victorian style home where my wife grew up in Francesville, Indiana. When I discovered the photo tucked into one of them, I was intrigued. … Continued

Modern Lovers

Found this in a dumpster by my house. I really like Theron’s use of metaphor, and I’m curious as to what he means by “hospital”.

His Doughnut

I found this in a restaurant in Edinburgh around two years ago. The restaurant has mismatched tables and chairs: our table that evening had a drawer in the side of it, like an old-fashioned kitchen table, and this note was in the drawer along with a folder of stuff that seemed to have belonged to … Continued

Couldn’t get the eyebrows right

Found on the street. An extremely accomplished if rather worrying picture. Let’s hope Ghost doesn’t disappear into oblivion.