FOUND by Karen in Walnut Creek, CA
I am helping a friend sell some of her parents stuff and found this note inside a vintage game. Her parents are 100 years old and this game was patented in 1938. Also interesting is that the game was titled “Chinker Chek”, apparently acceptable terminology in the 1920s-1930s, what we know as the game Chinese Checkers.

Message in a Mexican Coke Bottle

FOUND by Sue at Dillon Beach, CA
This message was in a bottle that was bobbing in the waves. I like the comment “my dad is 7ft, my mom is anle”. The explanation about spelling problems made me realize that the mom is probably “anal”. I felt like maybe this young girl had tossed the bottle only to have me find it minutes later (but no one was around).. Maybe the bottle traveled far to get to me?

Please Send Refund

FOUND by Nancy Beckus; Danville, CA

I have a box of masks, wigs, fake noses, etc. Doesn’t everybody? Anyway, I get into this box a couple of times a year and this year I noticed a plain brown bag. I opened it and found a bunch of fake lemons (?). I don’t remember buying them, but anything is possible! In that bag was the attached note. I have no idea where it came from. I don’t know the name so I Googled Randy’s Frozen Steaks and there isn’t one in Colorado, or least anymore. I don’t know this person, but I am amused that she’s returning the “fly, the bat, and the tie.” What could it mean and what did she keep?