Couldn’t get the eyebrows right

Found on the street. An extremely accomplished if rather worrying picture. Let’s hope Ghost doesn’t disappear into oblivion.

Ninja Son

This was found at a small, makeshift encampment where there were many items strewn about. It was very sad to think that someone would have to resort to this refuge in this area known if not for its wealth, at least for it’s established opportunities for the working class.

Chinese John Lennon

I hope Chinese John Lennon can find a way to take the ferry to Hamilton Ontario, otherwise Paul Ming will have to break up the band and form Chinese Wing.


We found this within the pages of a used book. Not sure if the junked cars are functioning as erosion control or something else.

Behind The Curtain

I found this photograph along with a number of others dumped beside a construction fence I passed on my way to my morning run around Lake Merritt. This one stood out as particularly mysterious. I feel like the girl’s gesture is part “come hither”, part “fuck you” and part “ooh, money”. But WHAT is the … Continued

Flatbelly Melissa

I found this around the dumpster outside of my work. Not sure what a Flatbelly Melissa is, but if I ever see it on a menu, I’m ordering it.

Wish To Kill

The faint writing at the bottom of this photo says: “Wish I could have killed him.” I wonder who was the person who had this murderous thought. Is it one of these men, or the photographer? Did the writer want to kill the men or perhaps the pack horse? I guess we will never know.

Not Exactly An Apology

Found in the Social Science building at Arizona State University. What was the email content?

Broken Family

Found on a sunny Sunday morning while taking out the trash.