A Lucky Face

FOUND by Cynthia Wood; San Francisco, CA
I found this pink piece of paper on my block. There’s a certain poignancy to what it says, don’t you think? And the absence of any punctuation is curious (was it going to be a poem? Or a song?) There’s also a curious leap in logic, it seems, or else a misunderstanding of the services of a palm reader, as I’ve never known them to be in the business of granting wishes.

Dearest Grace

FOUND by by Matthew in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

I found this in a snow bank last winter. I have no idea who wrote it or received it but I think it creates a wonderful mystery with many possible stories and questions. What are the ages of the two people? How well did/do they know each other? Why did Grace need a mother that day? Why did Michelle have to let Grace know where her phone was by a note? You could write a novel on the world this note gives a glimpse into.