See You in Future

I found this letter (assumedly written by an international student) tucked in an anthology of Holocaust literature at my college library.

It’s Not Really That Nice

I found this at Michigan State University under some bushes outside the Kresge Art Museum.

Basic Algebra

This was the only copy of this sign hanging up around the Knox College campus. I felt a little bad taking it down, so I scanned it, then put it back. I hope he got his pants back.

Our Youngest Boy In Our Family

These notes were posted on telephone poles around my corner – I left this one there for three months before grabbing it.

Stolen Porch Swing

This sign was posted on a main street bulletin board just a few years ago. I love the last line where the writer warns you to look out for your own porch swing…if you have one.

Lost Turtle

“Probably Escaped Fall 2001″ is very vague. How long before you realize your pet turtle is missing? Also, the description pretty much fits every box turtle I’ve ever seen. I wonder if they had people bringing them wild box turtles, thinking they were a lost pet. Would Kira be able to distinguish her turtle from … Continued

If Then

I think everyone feels this way at least once in his life.

While You Were Gone

I found this disarming bit in a not-so-great part of Costa Mesa earlier this year.