Through the Lion’s Head


FOUND by Pegasus in Wiesbaden, Germany

I found this letter inside a used book that I bought in Germany (the books is English). The letter is obviously a final contact prior to an inevitable parting ways between Leo and Josh. You can almost feel Leonard’s hope and anguish in every sentence. I really felt sad for Leonard. I did wonder why he typed the letter (from the looks of it on the manual typewriter) instead of writing it long hand. I am also left wondering about his thought process in choosing this particular title to include as a gift with the letter: “Dungeon, Fire and Sword”, a history of the Templar Knights during the crusades. I would have thought poetry might have been a better choice. Finally, since there is a reference to Bastille Day, perhaps Josh was French. Does that mean the book traveled from New York to Germany by way of France?

You Suck at Life Now


FOUND by Jennifer outside of a Juvenile Detention Center in Columbus, Ohio

I was walking home from the park with my kids and thought that I’d take them by the juvie; like, “Hey kids, don’t act up and end up in there some day.” We found this on the sidewalk. I saw the swear word up top and then wouldn’t let my kids have it. They spent the rest of the walk home trying to guess what the “bad word” was on the page. My daughter, 12, is certain that is was ‘ass.’ My son, 7, thinks that is was probably ‘dumb.’ I told them that they would have to go to bed never knowing.