Like or Love

FOUND by Leon Lin; Republic of Singapore

I came across this note while waiting for the bus on my way home this evening. It had been crumpled while folded, but probably from people stepping on it. My guess is that either Shilah or Nas dropped it by accident. These are some tough questions. I hope Nas and Shilah manage to work things out anyway – preferably without the sister knowing!

Express Yourself

FOUND by Brad Rogers; Baltimore, MD

I found this scrap of paper in the trashcan of a Baltimore coffee shop.

The shop has one little counter where they keep the cream, sugar, and other coffee paraphernalia. Lit by an overhead bulb, it is completely smooth except for one small round hole in the top. This is the place where you’re supposed to drop your cups, sugar packets, and the like.

For reasons that I don’t quite understand, I felt the urge to look inside the hole. Don’t ask me why – I didn’t even have anything to throw out. But sitting there, lit by a perfect round spotlight, was this note.