Our Youngest Boy In Our Family

These notes were posted on telephone poles around my corner – I left this one there for three months before grabbing it.


Found in the honeymoon haven of California.

I Just Don’t See the Point Anymore

Found in the parking lot of a Tasty Thai restaurant. A break-up note of sorts? A modern day Romeo and Juliet? Angsty teens? The possibilities are endless.

Come Home

Yo. Found this on a bench at a bus transfer station in Perth.

Super Amy

Found in a theatre. Super Amy appears to be saving somebody’s self-esteem. What a darling!

Love Me!

I found this business card on the ground on Main Street. Love Me!

In Hevan

A friend of mine flies a Paramotor, and one day during an outing a balloon floated into the air with a note tied to the end of the string. My friend went over, grabbed the balloon and rescued the note.

Connie’s Break-Up

I found this gem on a walk after a rainy day- hence the wet paper. I feel kind of bad for Connie but this made me chuckle.