(6) Baked Ruffles

Found tucked next to the plastic flap of a grocery store shopping cart. Such gratitude and joy!

pay phone becomes a love note inbox

This note caught my eye while waiting for a ride outside the Pershing square metro station on Friday. Sorry I didn’t have the heart to take it with for a scan.

Love note

My friend a substitute teacher found this cute note in a 7th grade classroom. He sent it to me as I am married to another Henry!

Dear Sarah

I bought this album in a charity shop after losing my copy and found this note sandwiched in the sleeve. I guess it wasn’t as appreciated as much as it was intended.

Keep Holding

A love note found between the pages of an old paperback book of ancient Chinese poetry bought at a charity shop.

The Grease on My Pizza

I was with my friend opening up my new textbooks for school when i dropped my used copy of The Great Gatsby.

A Note to Tiffany

I don’t know if Tiffany ever got it, but it was halfway under one of the tires on my truck. Sorry “D” but Tiffany either tossed your note or you’re still just a secret admirer.

OMG I Cnt Wait

This note totally made my day. The nicknames they gave each other are absolutely hilarious: Soy Sauce, BLT, and Ranch.

Bring Her Back, Baby

After dragging my Christmas tree curbside, I found this soggy note next to my mailbox.

Another Love Note

I found this romantic(?) “love note” on the sidewalk outside of a bar. It’s been hanging on my refrigerator for almost a year now.