Don’t Be Late

Found outside of Old Chicago very late one night. Everyone else had more or less cleared the building; this was next to the sidewalk by the restaurant’s front door. I don’t know what “it” is that the writer is referring to, but the note made me giggle. I wonder just how forgetful the intended reader … Continued

My Sweet Geodon

I don’t know what Geodon is supposed to do, but I need to get my hands on some! This is the second love note I’ve found on a medical Post-it!

Love Letter To Morgan

I found this in the book Sula, by Toni Morrison as I was preparing to read it. Morgan, you seem like a lucky girl.

Do You Hold Hands?

This note was found in my friend Cory’s high school locker after, presumably, having been dropped in there by mistake. We found it on 12/3/2000 and I kept it in my wallet for the next 10 years. On the heavy side, I was an American high school student and this was a year and a … Continued

Mustard Love

I found this touching little list at a grocery store. For some strange reason I get the feeling they probably needed toilet paper too, but forgot to write it down.