Together in My Heart, Babe


FOUND by Sara in Albany Park, Chicago, Illinois

The other side of the page has the words “Long Lost Love” written inside of a broken heart. I think this is self-explanatory– this person is completely in love with Shakoria but his rival for her affections, David, is currently in her favor. My favorite line is “…you are thing that I want into a girl.” Oh, to be young and in love.

Tremble the Foundation of Ur World


FOUND by Lauren L. underneath a U-Haul seat

Three years ago, I found two copies of this underneath a U-Haul seat while I was moving out of my freshmen dorms. It came with another sheet of paper with a digital image of a pixelated grim reaper that I can’t seem to find now. The U-Haul got towed that night (unrightfully, but thats another story) and I spent hours trying to find the tow yard on foot. I finally found the yard and was in the depths of despair after paying the City of Chicago a $300 fine when I found this. I just read it over and over and over and it made my night.