Nude Girl Painting $450

Found the list in my apartment’s parking lot. I’m not sure exactly what this is. An inventory of stolen/missing items, I guess? I really like the mix of personal, artwork, and random items included. And that while the sewing machine is underlined twice, the methadone is not.

Teacher, Librarian

I found this at Lincoln High School in an English classroom. It was probably written by a group of kids in response to an “Animal Farm” (by Orwell) assignment. I thought it was kinda funny. I teach at Lincoln High School and find funny stuff all time; I should really send more of it in.

Quick Stop

I found this on New Year’s Eve (on a quick run in to get something) at… Wal-Mart.

Checking It Twice

I was hauling groceries back to my car I stepped on someone else’s shopping list. Flatly honest sentiment is a rare thing in December. I’ll sneak through the holidays with this stranger’s snit line in my pocket.


List of someone’s expenses. I found it while walking home.

Not a Bad Way to Kill a Week

This was found outside a Target store. Somebody (looks like girl’s handwriting) was planning an action-packed seven days!