Hot Dog Rolls and Doomesday

Found this outside my local Starbucks; it was folded in half so I was so happy to see the last item on the list when I opened it!


We run an all-ages music venue that typically specializes in intimate shows with indie acts from all around the Pacific Northwest. Recently, for Halloween, we invited the local high school kids to put on a metal show. It was great. After they all left, while cleaning up, we found these set-lists still lingering on-stage. These … Continued

Animal Attributes

I found this on a table in my work’s cafeteria. It was written on a napkin, and I thought that it was just hilarious, especially because it is all about someone named Lance, and that is my name, too.

Complimentary Paper Bag

I was walking to work and walked over an empty brown paper bag with multicolored writing on the visible side. I paused to read it without bothering to pick it up, and continued on my way. After walking a few blocks I couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet thoughts written on the bag (and wondering … Continued

A Potion

I opened my chemistry textbook last September and out fell this note card. Maybe someone had just sniffed a whole bunch of chemicals, but it certainly looked like they had some crazy plans.


I hope the guy got the rest of his errands done. He left this at the cleaners where I work.

Holy Star Wars!!

I picked up a diary in the children’s section of a thrift store. Some of the pages had prompts at the top. This one was “future predictions.” I taught 3rd graders for a year so if you can’t understand this, it translates to, “It will be like Star Wars. You will have a chore-bot. There … Continued

The Ideal Man

Found this in a copy of a Thornton Wilder play at the library. Next to the word dating, whoever wrote this scribbled out “me.” Someone has a very specific picture of their ideal man. Or they’re just a stalker.