Dinosaur Poster

I found this dinosaur poster at an intersection near my house when I was walking home from the local market. It contains lots of dinosaur facts as well, as some more subjective statements (“Dinosaurs fight bad animals”). This is one of my all-time favorite finds and I can only hope that the person who created … Continued

Give Craig Money

I found this list in a stairwell in my college dorm in Oneonta, NY. What first came to mind was the hope that the writer felt motivated enough to do something today. And also the question of what she is giving Craig money for.

Code of the Boys

I found this in a Fantasy art book I got at the Goodwill. It was hidden in between the pages.

Jedi Masters

My husband and I went to a cabin in the woods for our anniversary. In the cabin were guestbooks where you could write about your experience there. We spent the first evening there reading through the books and found this page. Because it cracked us up so much, we stole the page as a keepsake. … Continued


A Post-It note found in the pamphlet rack at a 12-step meeting.

Information Rules

I was reading an old copy of Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha that my mom had sent me, and I found this scrawled on the inside of the back cover. I thought the book was incredible, and finding this message only enhanced the feeling.

2 Do List

Found in the hallway of my sister’s very professional workplace.

A Straight Nooner

Here’s a scanned image of a note I found last weekend along the American River in Sacramento. The note was lying in some grass alongside the river next to a few empty beer cans (Coors Lite) and some discarded fishing line.

Only The Essentials

I work at a library and found this “grocery” list being used as a bookmark. The list kept going but my scanner will only do 8×11. I’d love to try this diet!