New Years Resolutions

My grandfather found this and thought it so cute that he brought it in to show us all. He never specified where he found it. I especially love the ‘Winner” sticker. I hope they all kept to their many resolutions!

Xmas Sunday To-Do list

This person had a lot to do the Sunday before Christmas 2019. I found their to-do list in a shopping cart at Jewel Foods. There’s no way they were able to recreate this chaos!

Kelly Clarkson (5:02PM)

I found this on the desk of one of the interns at my office. In all honesty I have no idea what this could possibly mean.

Tennis Elbow

Found this random assortment of oddments in a shopping cart at Grocery Outlet…


Found this in a parking lot. Is it a comparison of lovers to find the best one? Comparing each other? What got me are the sincere, gentle questions then: “Who does more shots when you go out?”

Comedy Spy

Found a journal in front of my office after a day of rain. Apparently, crushing cans of Monster was something Nick really did not want to forget to take care of.

Gonna Be a Great Summer

Sunday afternoon, June 5, I was at Hines Park in Northville (Michigan) with some running buddies. I was crossing a dirt parking lot when I looked down and saw a folded piece of paper pressed into the dirt. I picked it up and saw it was marked “confidential: property of Miranda, Alex, Emily, and Rachel.” … Continued