You Know What

I found this at the post office the day after Valentine’s Day.

I Survived

My very first find ever. It’s eerie and inspiring.

“Make a To Do List.” Check.

So many questions arise from the life of this to-do list maker….Who is Bob? Why does he get the worst jobs? Why put certain bodily functions on the list and not others? Is Pinocchio required reading every day? And so many more…. FOUND on the sidewalk.

Heart Means I Extremely Want

This is a list found in a Meijers (to non-Michiganders it’s a pre-Wal-Mart 24 hr fix-your-car-and-a-dinner retail powerhouse) parking lot on Black Friday.

Can’t Drink at Dagger’s

I found this two-sided note in the gutter one sunny wintery morning, just outside the bar Dagger’s mentioned on the note. It’s a systematic run-down of all of the things that suck in this person’s life, complete with handwriting that goes all to hell over the course of the enumeration. Here I thought I was … Continued

Chocolate and Star Wars

I found this on the ground while doing some volunteer cleanup and landscaping at a local school, and immediately thought of FOUND!

Don’t Forget the Guts

In fairness, this was found near USC the week before Halloween. Although I’ve yet to find a store in downtown LA that sells any type of guts.