Unrequited Love

I found this on the sidewalk along the beach. I hope Nick knows what he’s asking for.


Found in the honeymoon haven of California.

Precious NYC

I found this on a seat on the uptown number 1 train. There was another find next to it but the writing was a lot more subversive. It said stuff like, “Allah Sucks Dick.” I left it alone. Although this find appeared to be written by the same person, it’s more endearing.

Beautiful Soul

My daughter and I were out for our daily walk at 6:00, Monday morning. What a beautiful way to start the day and the week. It definitely touched us and made our smiles a little brighter.

Creepy Love

This note was found in the University of Alabama at Birmingham student parking lot. I showed this to numerous friends and one thinks it may belong to the driver of a tweaked-out, puke-yellow sports car that has LOCOMOTION written across the back.

While You Were Gone

I found this disarming bit in a not-so-great part of Costa Mesa earlier this year.