Oh, Hell No!

Found crumpled outside of a school just floating in the wind.

The Nurse

I found this slide a couple months ago on the sidewalk a block away from the park by my house. The slide frame is stamped “JUL 65.”

24 Stitches

I’m a stagehand and I found this note on the floor of the convention center after the WWE/ECW show.


Found this while walking to work the other morning. Glad this kid is no longer sick.

To Propane

My mother found this at her job years ago at the hospital.

Please Return the Rabid Bat!

I saw this note taped to the call box of my apartment building. I laughed out loud. Later, I learned that my friend had taken (and used) the fan from the dumpster, not realizing that there was a potentially-rabid bat inside!

Ultrasound Bookmark

I found this in a young adult book at my library. I wonder if the person who left it was using it as a bookmark and forgot it (which still begs the question why you’d use an ultrasound picture of a baby for a bookmark, but to each their own, right?), or if they left … Continued

X-Ray My Brain Waves

X-rays of a brain found in a trash pile in Philly. Later that same week I found three more smaller brain x-rays in a different location.