X-Ray My Brain Waves

X-rays of a brain found in a trash pile in Philly. Later that same week I found three more smaller brain x-rays in a different location.

Modern Lovers

Found this in a dumpster by my house. I really like Theron’s use of metaphor, and I’m curious as to what he means by “hospital”.

Ouch Report

I found this blowing around in the entrance of a grocery store. I was intrigued by the curious grammar and flourished handwriting.

So Forget It

This was found in a photography book I purchased at a thrift store in the small country town I live in.


Found at Detroit’s Eastern Market in parking lot, Shed 5.

An Evaluation

I found this laying face up in a heap of papers and documents. “Beast” was scribbled repeated on the back. There were other documents along with this one, mostly insurance information.

Sort It Out

I found this to-do list on the floor of the medical library at the university. My favourite is “Stop attacking girls you don’t fancy.”