What It’s Like to Like Baseball

I bought a used composition book because it already had quite a bit of writing in it. Graham’s writing improves as he gets older.

Color Change

Found this while picking up litter at my rental building.

More Justice

Here is the rest of the journal.

The Old Standby

I found this on the floor in the break room at work.

No Tagging

I came across this on the sidewalk of the 16th Street Mall.

6 Questions

Found this blowing in the wind in my backyard from the alley. Maybe a quiz for this little girl’s step-sibling?


Found crumpled in a ball beside a garbage can.


My husband, brother-in-law and I found this while we were leaving Johnny Carino’s. It was by far the best thing about our dining experience. I can’t decide which drawing is my favorite. It’s a 3-way tie between the rich guy, the soccer ball and the gardener.

Falstad the Science Dragon

I am a student assistant in the library and often come accross random notes. This one was just too awesome to not send.