Found on the floor of my classroom. I’d love to know what this is a list of…’Things That Are Problems For You’?

Under The Reading Rainbow

I didn’t know kids even read that stuff these days! Perhaps the Big Buddie assigned it? Being from the Midwest, I am heartened.

X Marx the Spot

The fiancee and myself were walking the dog on a beautiful sunny day when I bent over to pick up what I believed to be a note of some kind in faded pen purple writing. Instead, what I found was a 1/2 credit paper on Karl Marxs (plural dictator?), whose story sounds strikingly similar to … Continued

Gay Rights

This was found on a college campus outside my dorm. I can only hope that they lost this card after their presentation, as it looks like an opening statement.

The Answers to 7 & 8

This looks like an old test for a philosophy course on time travel. By the handwriting, it looks like the author was in a bit of a rush.

Look it Up

Found this in the library where I work, sitting by itself on a table.