Fat Joe vs. 50 Cent

So I just got a letter sent to my office addressed to Fat Joe, via his publicist. Unfortunately, they got the address wrong, and it wound up in my hands.

Book Report

Well, at least he was being truthful.

Hopeless Romantic

I found this hiding under a table at my high school.


I was in the library writing a biology lab report when I noticed this poem… I’m a biology nerd, but I’ve never resorted to expressing my love for mitosis in verse.

I Declare

Inspired by FOUND’s recent visit to Seattle, I went to a nearby middle school to do my own hunt. I found many random notes but this one was my favorite.

Students are the Best Target

I found this facing up, on top of a recycle bin in the PSU library. The CAPS LOCK and the slowly diminishing formatting are what really draw the line between a Speech Com assignment gone horribly wrong and a paranoid rant.

The Many Benefits of Rap

I was picking up my printouts at the computer lab at IUPUI when I stumbled upon this. There was only one page and I’d love to read the rest of this masterpiece. I am particularly fond of the random numbers and statistics that aren’t referenced in any way. My favorite sentence? “Ludacris also helps a … Continued

Chemical Reaction

I assume it is part of some school assignment, but I wonder why it was printed up on a half sheet of paper.

Math Problem

My son found this on the school bus and brought it home. I hope this was not a homework assignment. Please submit your answers!!

Movie Night

I found this list near the English & Philosophy Building. It has an interesting array of movies listed along with a few things to buy at the store.