Gay Rights

This was found on a college campus outside my dorm. I can only hope that they lost this card after their presentation, as it looks like an opening statement.

The Answers to 7 & 8

This looks like an old test for a philosophy course on time travel. By the handwriting, it looks like the author was in a bit of a rush.

Look it Up

Found this in the library where I work, sitting by itself on a table.

What is It?

I found this note outside a school near San Francisco’s Civic Center. It’s a double-sided sheet of 8.5×11 paper written in no.2 pencil and it smells like elementary school. “What is it?” makes me believe this child has a fascination with the dichotomy of space paraphernalia and the mundane. I am fascinated at how the … Continued

Yours Forever

This sweet love note was in a book donate to the library.