Hopeless Romantic

I found this hiding under a table at my high school.


I was in the library writing a biology lab report when I noticed this poem… I’m a biology nerd, but I’ve never resorted to expressing my love for mitosis in verse.

I Declare

Inspired by FOUND’s recent visit to Seattle, I went to a nearby middle school to do my own hunt. I found many random notes but this one was my favorite.

Students are the Best Target

I found this facing up, on top of a recycle bin in the PSU library. The CAPS LOCK and the slowly diminishing formatting are what really draw the line between a Speech Com assignment gone horribly wrong and a paranoid rant.

The Many Benefits of Rap

I was picking up my printouts at the computer lab at IUPUI when I stumbled upon this. There was only one page and I’d love to read the rest of this masterpiece. I am particularly fond of the random numbers and statistics that aren’t referenced in any way. My favorite sentence? “Ludacris also helps a … Continued

Chemical Reaction

I assume it is part of some school assignment, but I wonder why it was printed up on a half sheet of paper.

Math Problem

My son found this on the school bus and brought it home. I hope this was not a homework assignment. Please submit your answers!!

Movie Night

I found this list near the English & Philosophy Building. It has an interesting array of movies listed along with a few things to buy at the store.

Not Full Credit?

The detail that this student explores… I feel as if I can almost visualize the curve…

Teacher, Librarian

I found this at Lincoln High School in an English classroom. It was probably written by a group of kids in response to an “Animal Farm” (by Orwell) assignment. I thought it was kinda funny. I teach at Lincoln High School and find funny stuff all time; I should really send more of it in.