I Will Control Myself

This item was found on my front lawn on Cavalry, back around 1989-90. A student must have dropped this on his way home from school. There were three pages of this at one time: I sent two pages to friends, and I had the last copy framed.


Found this in the library where I work, sitting by itself on a table.

Double U, Double E, D

This was all wet and scrunched up on a tennis court where I play bike polo.


I found this not too far from a school, and I assume it is part of a larger paper or project. This kid really thinks stuff isn’t fair. Welcome to life.

I Don’t Get Paid To Sit On Babies

Found this hidden in between several folded pages inside of a textbook in my English class. Seems like an in-class journal entry at first, but then you notice the giant F—. Probably a joke between friends. I’d love to know where this spawned from.

ADD in Chemistry

I found this laying on a table at a McDonald’s restaurant one afternoon years ago now. I just had to pick it up. Seems like some kid decided not to do their chemistry worksheet. I especially like the nitrite-eating monster. I hope the teacher let them off easy, probably because the whole page reminds me … Continued

Book Burning

As I left for work this morning I noticed a triple hole punched piece of paper in the grass near my car. After reading it I think it is someones homework from the junior high a few blocks away.

Can’t We Still Get Along?

I took a walk in my neighborhood and found a set of four hand-made flash cards. The others are really funny too but this one is the best. Out of the mouths of babes.

This Disease called RACISM

Found on a high school campus; looks like an essay. We liked the use of caps lock for RACISM and thought that the author was innovative and surprisingly eloquent in his ideas…. cool.

Fat Joe vs. 50 Cent

So I just got a letter sent to my office addressed to Fat Joe, via his publicist. Unfortunately, they got the address wrong, and it wound up in my hands.