If You Want Your Shit Back

Found this in the hallway at my high school. Given that it’s a high school, it probably stemmed from a bad breakup. ‘Bitch ass dyke’ is now my favorite curse.

Hair, Hair Everywhere

Last year, I found this photograph stapled randomly to a bulletin board at my high school. I picked it up and kept it because it made me laugh. The person’s arm has more hair than the dog!

A Little Extra Emphasis

I was walking through the hallways of my high school and I stumbled upon a bunch of papers by the theater door. Intrigued, I stopped and picked up a few of the papers. I wonder why someone was so pathetic that he or she deserved four lines underneath the word.


I found this note on the floor of my high school.

Colorful Diss

This was folded up in the middle of the road.

So You Know

Found this on the floor in the culinary arts/ foods room of my high school.