Sorry, Rachel.

Found in tall grass section of local dog park. Genuine. Remorse. Second chance?


FOUND on the floor of the Seattle Art Museum during their opening weekend of Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors. It seems to be a (high school) friend’s birthday note.

The Hottest

I found this under one of the desks in my high school English class.

Jeff Has The Right Idea

Some people have a lot to pray about. I wonder if God really cares about some of this stuff though?


My friend lives across the street from a high school. Not only that, he lives across from the opening in the fence where everybody goes in and comes out. So I find stuff there all the time. This test in particular makes me laugh whenever I read the teacher’s comments.

An Honest Confession

I found this in the upstairs hall of my high school – definitely one of my favorite finds. It made me smile.

Double Heeled

This photo was found in a drawer in a classroom of the alternative high school I attended. Since the school lacked funding, prom photos were taken by teachers with students posing in front of cheap backdrops. I’m not sure if the double exposure was an accident or done intentionally by a student in the darkroom.