I Have to Go

Found on a high school staffroom table.

Teacher, Librarian

I found this at Lincoln High School in an English classroom. It was probably written by a group of kids in response to an “Animal Farm” (by Orwell) assignment. I thought it was kinda funny. I teach at Lincoln High School and find funny stuff all time; I should really send more of it in.

Eat Responsibly

Found on a high school hallway floor. I wonder if it was a Health class assignment, or if someone was just doodling while hungry?

If You Want Your Shit Back

Found this in the hallway at my high school. Given that it’s a high school, it probably stemmed from a bad breakup. ‘Bitch ass dyke’ is now my favorite curse.

Hair, Hair Everywhere

Last year, I found this photograph stapled randomly to a bulletin board at my high school. I picked it up and kept it because it made me laugh. The person’s arm has more hair than the dog!

A Little Extra Emphasis

I was walking through the hallways of my high school and I stumbled upon a bunch of papers by the theater door. Intrigued, I stopped and picked up a few of the papers. I wonder why someone was so pathetic that he or she deserved four lines underneath the word.


I found this note on the floor of my high school.

Colorful Diss

This was folded up in the middle of the road.