Who Shot Tupac


FOUND by Tyler Lawrence in Colorado Springs, Colorado

I teach 9th and 10th graders; our day starts at 7:15am, and every Thursday of the week I meet at 6:00am with fellow teachers to develop curriculum. 6:00am comes early, but this particular day I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed with my wife–wake up to coffee and my daughter, Elsa. At 5:45am, I unlocked the school, turned off the alarm, and proceeded through the cafeteria towards “The Octagon,” where my classroom is located. The doors to The Octagon were locked, as they should have been, so again I fumble to find keys and unlock the threshold into academia, but something catches my eye: Not the bold exclamation warning students to keep their hydrogenated-oil-loaded food behind doors, but the important matter of “Who da fuck shot 2 pac?” It was going to be a good day after all.