Scientific Method

I found this study note card on the lawn of John Marshall High School.

The Athletes

Found in the trash that was being discarded by the yearbook staff when they were cleaning out for moving. No names, dates, or other identifying info.

Blue vs. Black

Found in the hallway of high school. Somebody’s in love! I like the occasional <3 in there.

Remember My Promise

This note was found neatly folded on the stairs in my high school.

Coke Helps

The students at the high school have been pretty upset since the government mandated healthier food in the vending machines. Apparently this student thought he could give a good persuasive speech about it.

I, Realman

I live near a middle school and high school, and I’m sort of afraid to think that this note was probably generated by one of the high schoolers. My favorite misspelling? “butfile” for what I presume to be “beautiful.” I think this child was left behind.

I’m Really Emotional

I teach at the high school and found this on one of the desks after class. I am happy to not know which of my students left this for me to find.

Dear Dumplin’

I found this in the library at my high school.

Papers Please

This scrap was lying underfoot as I was leaving class.


I found this in the hallway of my high school on my way home a few days ago.