Dear Dumplin’

I found this in the library at my high school.

Papers Please

This scrap was lying underfoot as I was leaving class.


I found this in the hallway of my high school on my way home a few days ago.

Dotted with Hearts

I found this note on the floor in New Bedford High School– I was walking to class, saw it folded up on the ground, and picked it up. The irony of the dotted-heart i’s and the depressed tone of the note make it very surreal to me.

I Still Like You

Some kid at my high school was throwing this away and I grabbed it from them and ran off. I have no idea who they were and know no more about this letter then you do.


Found behind a file cabinet in the music library of my high school band room.

Book Report

Well, at least he was being truthful.

Hopeless Romantic

I found this hiding under a table at my high school.

Life List

This scrap of paper was wedged between two floorboards in my cousin’s bedroom. Her family just moved into the house, and I guess one of the previous occupants left it behind. Moving on to greater things I guess.