Florentine Message

I was in the Tel-Aviv neighborhood of Florentine with my friends and housemates, taking pictures and generally sightseeing, when I came across this picture in the street. It struck me as especially interesting/creepy because not only was I holding a camera, but someone else had been and had taken the picture.

Keep Up The Good Work, Dre

Found in a pile of beer bottles and trash alongside the railroad tracks. I hope the beer bottles and trash were part of Dre’s old life, and not his way of adjusting to his new life.

A Little Emergency

Found this while looking for clipboards in the Maitland Art Center’s least used storage room, the “scary room.” Written on a piece of canvas and shoved REALLY deep in a box full of little tissue paper squares. I wonder what the emergency was!

Dr. Master Fire Bender

I was exhausted from driving all night from Vermont to Maine hoping to nab a campsite. Hadn’t brought any firewood as I wanted to try to get a place to rest my weary bones first. I did secure a site and put up my tent, which took longer than usual because of my tiredness. As … Continued

Hit and Run

Last night the big ice storm hit us, sadly we had to slip and slide to class. It was HORRIBLE. I have NEVER seen it this bad before. I finally made it home, called my boss, told him i didn’t want to drive anywhere, ordered pizza and was about to march up to my warm … Continued


Found this right outside the front door of my apartment building. I don’t own a car, so I rarely go into the parking garage other than to throw my garbage into the dumpster, so I’m not sure if this was written to the residents of my building or not.