If I Weren’t His Son

This was left in class one day as I was getting ready to go. I student-teach at the middle school for 5th and 6th graders. I’m glad to know that even in the Bible Belt South love of any gender can exist. I’m going to keep it.

Laura and Max

This was found on the floor one rainy weekday night.


Found between the pages of a book of choral music. I can’t say that the page it was marking (a madrigal called “Adieu Sweet Amarillis”) looked especially cheerful, but then, I don’t read music.

Blue vs. Black

Found in the hallway of high school. Somebody’s in love! I like the occasional <3 in there.

Prayerful and Patriotic Homage to Barack Obama

I found this on a bench while waiting for the Lexington Ave. subway. It’s so carefully crafted and the sentiment rings so true, that I had to pick it up. Oddly, it’s drawn on the back of a truck driver’s pay stub, which I think somehow adds to the authentic feel of it. My girlfriend … Continued


I found this coffee filter in the street outside my neighbor’s house. It caught my attention because of the bright pink letters spelling “Hooba-shlaka.” I have no idea what it means.

Equals Life

As a teacher, I often find interesting scraps lying around. But this one, in a recycling bin, was a treasure. Someone edited it for Arielle, changing “Creek” to “Creak.” Ha ha.

Dog Luve Cat

Found at the supermarket where I work, drawn on the back of a primary school’s headed paper. For a time I couldn’t decide whether the brown was a dog or one of those dreadlocked sheep, y’know?


I found this in a DVD case I bought at a Spec’s one day.

Mmm, Unicorn

I volunteer at a food co-op in the North End. A few months back, when I was opening up, I found this pushed through the mailslot. It’s written on the back of a marker package. I posted it on the bulletin board, inconspicuously, until it fell down and I took it home. Now it lives … Continued