Happy Halloween

This jewel was found in 1997 in our friends’ (Angie and Kendall) front yard in Houston. We love this so much.

Precious NYC

I found this on a seat on the uptown number 1 train. There was another find next to it but the writing was a lot more subversive. It said stuff like, “Allah Sucks Dick.” I left it alone. Although this find appeared to be written by the same person, it’s more endearing.

Like Being in a Tree House

I found this letter carefully folded around a “fun-size” Snickers bar the morning after Father’s Day. It was on the railing of a deserted pedestrian bridge. I initially took it with me, then felt guilty and put it back at lunchtime, having figured out the elaborate folding scheme. When I went by in the evening, … Continued

21 Hearts

I found this piece of art atop a snow bank during a walk two days after Valentine’s Day in 2004. I’m guessing that the young artist is a girl. I’m guessing she created it for her parents during art class at school. The inclusion of an alphabet and numbers reflect the long sheets of letters … Continued