October Haul

This was tucked away in an old photo album being sold at a Goodwill-type store in Sioux Falls. There were more pictures of these brothers (?) in their hunting gear.

Alaska Without Words

This is such a perfect display of an Alaskan there is no words needed.

Dad’s Gone

Found this under my car windscreen-wiper on my way home from work.

Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit

I found this old photograph along with some others in the flea market. I was pretty sad to see someone throw away a photo with such character. These men lived only 60 years ago, and no one cared to keep this picture of them.

Boys Day Out

I found this next to a Rite Aid, in an area conspicuously absent of bikers or bike clubs.

Man Dying

I found this crayon drawing blowing around in a pile of leaves outside of my apartment in September, 2004. I kept it, simply for the fact that it was so creepy. When I heard about FOUND this drawing came to mind. The drawing is haunting, especially after all the media attention to the Matthew Shepherd … Continued


My best friend accidentally booked us rooms at the wrong motel the night of her wedding. This was the first thing I saw, when closing the door.

Gangster Life

Found this on the floor by the trash in my high school.

Ink on Napkin

I found this on a table I was clearing at the coffee shop where I work. I really liked the octupus sheriff thing; it made my night a little more surreal.

Yellow Truck and Gun

I found this photograph in a rental house garage in 1998. This is one of my favorite things ever.