WASP Spray

Found outside a pie shop by the curb. It was so poetically enigmatic that I taped it up next to my computer. I d never seen an animal on a shopping list before. Also, I like how the use of all capital letters inadvertently implies that the list-maker had an allergy to white, Anglo-saxon Protestants.

Maybe Cubic Zirconean

My guess is that either someone was starting a new, healthy diet, or else someone’s kid was coming home from college for the holidays, requesting healthy foods — including Miralax! (Found right before Easter/Passover.) The very top reads [sic] “? Cubic Zirconean” and then it was crossed out.


I found someone’s shopping list at a CVS. Or is it a to-do list? Clearly, the Pills are the most important thing. It’s even separated from everything else. Next in order of importance is Butts, then Beer, then meat. It’s like a life poem.

Mustard Love

I found this touching little list at a grocery store. For some strange reason I get the feeling they probably needed toilet paper too, but forgot to write it down.

A Special Diet

Gearing up for a 24 hour f*ck-fest? How about a spell-check?

Let’s Make Meatballs

Found in the bottom of a grocery cart in a Save-on-Food. Such a tantalizingly intimate (yet completely mysterious) glimpse into a relationship. The most crucial of all: why do they seem to have so much trouble finishing a gallon of milk?