Good Life

I found this in an empty shopping cart. I didn’t think much of it, but it seems the person writing it wants something better for Cassie

New Me

Dear FOUND Magazine, I am 10 years old and I read Found with my mom. I find it very funny and interesting. I was at the super market and the first thing  I saw was this on the floor. It is a grocery list and on the bottom it says “Get A Life”. This person … Continued

Butter Nosestrips

I found it in a shopping cart on Mother’s Day.

Hot Dog Rolls and Doomesday

Found this outside my local Starbucks; it was folded in half so I was so happy to see the last item on the list when I opened it!


This looks like quite an ambitious grocery list – cat food for ALL cats?? What’s a coffee markout?


I found this shopping list dropped outside a supermarket.

One Heck of a Recipe

Found this in a shopping cart at the store. I was intrigued by the items on the list; it looks like ingredients for some sort of casserole, maybe with some bonus ingredients of cough syrup and laxatives? Maybe for Sunday night dinner with the in-laws?


Interesting groceries.

A “Different” Grocery List

I was cleaning up a table at Wendy’s when I noticed that a customer had left his pad of paper wedged in one of the cracks of the booth with this page on top. Now, I’m not exactly snoopy, but when such “colorful” vocabulary catches your eye, it’s hard not to take a look. Or … Continued