Community Building

My friend Holly found this note on her car. Consequently, she left a note for him as well.

It’s Not Fair

I was sitting in this restaurant in the Highland Park area, looking out the window. A man came up to a police cruiser and placed a note on the window. A bunch of people in the restaurant saw this and wondered about it. The cops were eating in the restaurant but didn’t know this was … Continued

I Saw Your Sign

Found on a car displaying a “Peace is Patriotic” sign.

Who Gave You the Right?

The author was evidently galvanized enough to write the note but not so courageous as to initiate a face-to-face confrontation. Lots of phrases could be used for this find, of course… “Have some respect” at least captures the writer’s motivating emotion. But then again, so does the indignation of his “Who gave you the right?”

Earthquake Country!

“A few weeks after moving to Sonoma County from New York, we found this note tucked under a wiper of our car in downtown Santa Rosa. We had just stopped for a cup of morning coffee on our way to pick up my mother at the airport. The welcome wagon wanted to be sure we … Continued