From One Extreme to the Next

I found this sticky note in the bathroom at my workplace. I don’t know who wrote it, but it was a good reminder that even in the most sterile, professional environments people are constantly struggling with an inner life.

A Simple Request

Found in the cafeteria at work alongside said “purse” on top of freezer. The purse turned out to be a nice sack with someone’s microwave dinners in it. Even knowing that, many questions remain, mostly dealing with the author’s sanity.

No Rush

I found this lying in a puddle outside my building at Microsoft. Seems likely that the recipient didn’t heed the instructions.

So Much That

This note was found near the cashier’s station in the cafe where I work.

So You Know

Found this on the floor in the culinary arts/ foods room of my high school.

Not a Cookie

I found this on the floor of my office, but I don’t know where it came from. We don’t have any Barbs, and we rarely have cookies. I did have a box of concrete samples in my office earlier in the day, some of which, I suppose, were vaguely cookie-shaped.


My friend Justin and I found this Post-it when cleaning off the desk of a recently fired co-worker. The circumstances of her leaving were dubious and she was kind of a mystery herself, so this became all the more curious a message to us. I promptly taped it to my desk where it’s been the … Continued