Super Gay

I am a teacher and one thing that I find amazing is the amount of paper waste that accumulates over the course of a day.

Things To Do

I found this list on the floor in an aisle at Tuesday Morning, the store that I work for. I was so excited that I finally found something worth sending in!

Fags Fax

Found this while working at Staples. I still don’t know what that bottom line is supposed to be. I know what it looks like, though.

Right To Remain Silent

My boss and I were walking back from a meeting at the county’s administration offices and we stumbled on this well-trod list of instructions for appearing in court. I wonder if the original owner considering eating it, lest it fall into the WRONG HANDS.

Poo Bear

I work as a sanitary engineer for the City of Los Angeles’s Bureau of Sanitation, at their largest sewage treatment plant. We process 350 million gallons of wastewater each day. Some engineers in my office recently vacated their cubicles for cushier jobs downtown. Their spaces are now mostly empty except for a few stray pens … Continued

Brusha Brusha Brusha

I found this picture outside of the movie theater where I work. The picture itself is blurry, and it’s stamped April 1987 on the back. Brusha brusha brusha!

From One Extreme to the Next

I found this sticky note in the bathroom at my workplace. I don’t know who wrote it, but it was a good reminder that even in the most sterile, professional environments people are constantly struggling with an inner life.

A Simple Request

Found in the cafeteria at work alongside said “purse” on top of freezer. The purse turned out to be a nice sack with someone’s microwave dinners in it. Even knowing that, many questions remain, mostly dealing with the author’s sanity.

So Much That

This note was found near the cashier’s station in the cafe where I work.