A Family Band

I left work 2 hours early one day, and when i came in the next day there was popcorn crumbs on the floor and this photo on my desk. I found the popcorn culprit but nobody will own up to this photo!

I Want Your Life

Found while working at Target. I couldn’t decide if it was a song, a poem, an ode. Whatever. But it was pretty deep.

Mysterious Photo

I found this at work (an office store that has a copy center) just sitting on one of the display furniture chairs. I took black and white photography in high school and college, and this looks like someone actually developed it themselves in a darkroom. I was trying to think of how they did it … Continued

Beneath Me, Too

Found in the freezer of our office kitchenette.


I work in a call centre with about 600 employees. We tend to occupy cubicles on a first-come-first-served basis. One day, I found this sad note in the cubicle I was working in. I now spend much of my work time analyzing my 599 fellow employees, and trying to figure out to whom it may … Continued

I Love Nutz & Butz

Some co-workers found this in the middle of a legal pad at work, but I’m the only one who thought it was worth saving. It cracks me up every time I read it.

He Has the Contacts

We’ve had this posted up in our office for several years now, and only discovered your website recently. I found it on the pavement just up the street from my house while walking to my car. It wasn’t attached to anything, so maybe the culprit got away with his intended burglary. We wonder how he’s … Continued

Brave Kid

I work in a physiotherapy clinic and found this in the kids’ corner. It broke my heart.

Not a Pink Person

I work at a University store where we sell techy-kinda gadgets and such. A big part of our inventory is pens and pencils and we have testing pads all over the place. When I replace these pads, I often find people have tested the pens with more than just scribbles.

No Matter What You Say

I work at a coffee shop on a college campus, and this was in the drawer of the cash register. Theories are running wild among my friends about the circumstances behind it. Whether Nena is devoted or just plain creepy… it’s a toss-up.