Not a Pink Person

I work at a University store where we sell techy-kinda gadgets and such. A big part of our inventory is pens and pencils and we have testing pads all over the place. When I replace these pads, I often find people have tested the pens with more than just scribbles.

No Matter What You Say

I work at a coffee shop on a college campus, and this was in the drawer of the cash register. Theories are running wild among my friends about the circumstances behind it. Whether Nena is devoted or just plain creepy… it’s a toss-up.


I work in a photocopy place and the other day I stumbled across this box of forgotten photos and papers. I had no idea they had sweatshops for making Christmas tree balls. I love her dress, and how they’re drying the balls on long sticks, it really intrigues me.

Need to Straighten Out

I found this while cleaning an office cubicle I was using as a temp. I find it haunting and beautiful.

To Get Mysteriously Ill

I found this note at my work. The janitors seem to be planning the weekend.

Happy Monkey

I was wiping down tables at the coffee shop and found this note on the window ledge nearby. There are a number of couples and blind dates that meet at our shop. I guess romance is not dead, just left behind sometimes.

2 Do List

Found in the hallway of my sister’s very professional workplace.

Pizza Warfare

I found this taped up on the wall at work several years ago.

Taking A Piss

I found this sign in the one of the bathrooms in my office building. Obviously someone got pretty pissed off when they went to sit on the toilet!

Super Gay

I am a teacher and one thing that I find amazing is the amount of paper waste that accumulates over the course of a day.