No Eyes

I found this outside a photo-me booth in Brighton back in 1993. He’s now with me out here in the desert in Dubai. I like how he looks down to his left in the second shot. Is he checking the operating instructions? Obviously all appeared well because he resumed his pose for the last two … Continued

P.S. I Hope It Works Out

I found this on the Jubilee tube line on my way home from work. It appears to be a kind of diary entry letter to no one.

Ran Over Bob

I found this intriguing note on the ground in the short-stay car park at Stansted Airport. It was written on the back of a Hertz car rental post-it note. Did Gary run over Bob with a Hoover, I wonder?

Secrets in the Toilet

Found this folded up on the floor of the gent’s loos at a club.

I Am The Victim

I found this note a couple of years ago in a waiting room at the end of the day, when I was working in a project giving advice to young homeless people. None of my co-workers recognized or could work out whose it was.

Sorry About Pink One

This enigmatic note was found at the back of our house in Cambridge.

Hand in Mouth

I’ve been collecting bits and pieces from around Nottingham for years so I ve got quite a collection now. Here is one of my favourites.

What He Is Capable of Doing

This note was found in a lecture theatre in my college. It’s somewhat sinister – especially due to the immensely teen girlish writing.

The Journey

I bought a Paul Auster novel from a used book store in England and found this message written inside. I would love to know what “journey” the message is referring to, and whether the book was lost or given away. If it was given away, does that mean the journey turned out to be one … Continued

Final Word or Words

Found in the cleaning products section at a convenience store, on Upper Tulse Hill Road.