Found slipped inside a copy of Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper, by Art & Laurie Pepper, purchased at a bookstall in Swiss Cottage, London.

My Nightmare

I found this near my house.

Pain Causer!

I found this in the cream cake section of the supermarket.

No Matter What

I found this crumpled on a city street on my way home from work, written on the back of a betting slip.


Someone has some decisions to make.


I picked up a copy of a colourful book with kittens and other cute-art. This note had been put in the front cover– perhaps someone thought there were too many copies of happykittybunnypony but with a name like that to compete with art featuring urine or blood or a rope piled in a corner, who … Continued

East London Lady

There’s a used furniture place under a railway bridge near my house. When I went to buy a desk, the shop was closed. So I had a look around the car park out the front and found this picture amongst the stones. She looks strong and confident.