I found this face down on the pavement. It was dark and at first I thought the burger was just the design of the postit note.


I picked this up on the street near Central Square.

Use Your Eyes!

Found in a gutter in Norbury Crescent.

G-Unit Coat

I found this in Dalston.  I collect found objects and made a book of my finds a couple of years ago (before I saw your magazine!). This is one of my favourites at the moment.

Donkey Week

I found this while walking home- must have dropped out of the postman’s hands or something. I was particularly excited to learn that a “Donkey Week” exists!

Grind The Crank

I found this on Tooting Bec Common, while walking my dog Shuggie. I’m glad the garage is being so thorough. And you get to join a cult (for a year)!

Cockney Christmas Wishes

This blew into my feet on Walton Street in Oxford, England, in mid-June, which is an odd time of year to see a wayward letter to Santa. What I like about it is I can only make out half of what this kid has written, because I’m an American Midwesterner and this is proper colloquial … Continued

Hard Christmas

I found this lying in a puddle close to Ladywell Fields and it immediately raised questions about ladywellness before Christmas.

Mysterious Interior

I have no idea what this photograph is of, it was a random find on a street. On closer inspection, the photograph has that texture of many shoes treading it into the pavement. I’m pretty sure it is meant to be this way up, as there is a sign on the left-hand wall which I … Continued